Update elisp code to use cl-lib instead of cl



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Update Emacs Lisp code to use cl-lib instead of cl

cl is a deprecated library, and elisp authors should use cl-lib instead. In most cases, this is a matter of requiring "cl-lib" and adding a "cl-" prefix to symbols that came from "cl".

This library provides an interactive command, cl-libify, which replaces usages of "cl" symbols with their "cl-lib" equivalent, optionally prompting for each

Note that some cl functions do not have exact replacements, e.g. flet, so further code changes might still be necessary.



Ensure cl-libify.el is in a directory on your load-path, and add the following to your ~/.emacs or ~/.emacs.d/init.el:

(require 'cl-libify)


If you're an Emacs 24 user or you have a recent version of package.el you can install cl-libify from the MELPA repository. The version of cl-libify there will always be up-to-date.

See the command cl-libify.


Author: Steve Purcell


This little library was extracted from the author's full Emacs configuration, which readers might find of interest.

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