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An Emacs minor-mode to automatically change the cursor

electric-cursor-mode is a global minor mode that sets up hooks to change the cursor-type in Emacs in certain modes. The default is to change the cursor to a block in overwrite-mode, and a vertical bar in every other mode.

The modes and cursor types are defined in the variable electric-cursor-alist, an alist with modes in the car position and cursor shapes in the cdr positions. For example, the default looks like this:

((overwrite-mode . box))

When you enable electric-cursor-mode, it adds hooks to each mode in electric-cursor-alist to set the cursor according to electric-cursor-alist. The hooks are removed when you disable electric-cursor-mode.


You can find electric-cursor on MELPA, so it's installable via package.el, straight.el, or whatever. Of course, you can also clone this repository and put it somewhere Emacs will know about it. After that, just do this:

(electric-cursor-mode +1)


The code in this repository is licensed under the ISC license. See LICENSE for details.


Open an issue or send me an email (my email address is in electric-cursor.el's header).