Flycheck integration for Pest -

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Pest mode

Pest mode provides a major mode for editing Pest files. It also contains a few advanced features.

Pest-mode features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Indentation
  • Imenu integration
  • Eldoc integration (requires pesta)
  • Flymake integration for syntax checking (requires pesta)
  • Language studio, where you can experiment the grammar (requires pesta)


pest-mode is not on any package archive yet. You must manually download the file and put it in your load-path, and write in your config file:

(autoload 'pest-mode "pest-mode")
(add-to-list #'auto-mode-alist '("\\.pest\\'" . pest-mode))

To use the more advanced features, you must have pesta installed.

  1. Install the Rust toolchain.
  2. cd pesta && cargo build --release
  3. Find the executable pesta under target/release, and put it in your PATH.


If you have added pest-mode to auto-mode-alist, then it should be enabled automatically on any .pest file.

In a .pest file,

  • pest-test-input (default keybinding C-c C-t): open a buffer to test the current grammar
  • flymake-mode: enable syntax checking

In a testing buffer,

  • pest-select-rule (default keybinding C-c C-r): select the start rule for all other purposes
  • pest-analyze-input (default keybinding C-c C-c): analyze the input and report the structure
  • flymake-mode (enabled by default): enable syntax checking
  • eldoc-mode (enabled by default): enable displaying the parse tree path


All of the following require pesta.

Pest-mode supports flymake!

pest-mode flymake

The testing buffer supports both flymake and eldoc!

pest-input-mode flymake and eldoc


pest-input-mode analyze