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A fast and fancy mode-line which is extracted from DOOM Emacs, but it provides more features and it's much faster.

It's integrated into Centaur Emacs by default.


The doom-modeline was designed for minimalism and fast, and offers:

  • A match count panel (for anzu, iedit, multiple-cursors, symbol-overlay, evil-search and evil-substitute)
  • An indicator for recording a macro
  • Local python/ruby/perl/go/elixir version in the major-mode
  • A customizable mode-line height (see doom-modeline-height)
  • An error/warning count segment for flycheck
  • A workspace number segment for eyebrowse
  • A window number segment for ace-window, winum and window-numbering
  • An indicator for evil state
  • An indicator for god state
  • An indicator for ryo-modal state
  • An indicator for remote host
  • An indicator for current input method
  • Truncated file names, file icon, buffer state and project name in buffer information segment, which is compatible with projectile or project



From melpa, M-x package-install RET doom-modeline RET.

In init.el,

(require 'doom-modeline)


(use-package doom-modeline
      :ensure t
      :defer t
      :hook (after-init . doom-modeline-init))

This package requires the fonts included with all-the-icons to be installed. Run M-x all-the-icons-install-fonts to do so.

Strongly recommend to use doom-themes at the same time.


;; How tall the mode-line should be (only respected in GUI Emacs).
(setq doom-modeline-height 25)

;; How wide the mode-line bar should be (only respected in GUI Emacs).
(setq doom-modeline-bar-width 3)

;; Determines the style used by `doom-modeline-buffer-file-name'.
;; Given ~/Projects/FOSS/emacs/lisp/comint.el
;;   truncate-upto-project => ~/P/F/emacs/lisp/comint.el
;;   truncate-from-project => ~/Projects/FOSS/emacs/l/comint.el
;;   truncate-with-project => emacs/l/comint.el
;;   truncate-except-project => ~/P/F/emacs/l/comint.el
;;   truncate-upto-root => ~/P/F/e/lisp/comint.el
;;   truncate-all => ~/P/F/e/l/comint.el
;;   relative-from-project => emacs/lisp/comint.el
;;   relative-to-project => lisp/comint.el
;;   file-name => comint.el
;;   buffer-name => comint.el<2> (uniquify buffer name)
;; If you are expereicing the laggy issue, especially while editing remote files
;; with tramp, please try `file-name' style.
;; Please refer to
(setq doom-modeline-buffer-file-name-style 'truncate-upto-project)

;; What executable of Python will be used (if nil nothing will be showed).
(setq doom-modeline-python-executable "python")

;; Whether show `all-the-icons' or not (if nil nothing will be showed).
;; The icons may not be showed correctly on Windows. Disable to make it work.
(setq doom-modeline-icon t)

;; Whether show the icon for major mode. It should respect `doom-modeline-icon'.
(setq doom-modeline-major-mode-icon t)


  1. I am experiencing the laggy issue on Windows, how to resolve it?

    You need to add this configuration into your init file.

    ;; Don’t compact font caches during GC.
    (setq inhibit-compacting-font-caches t)
  2. A ridiculous path is displayed on mode-line while visiting a symbolink.

    It's the default behaviors of Vanilla Emacs. If you want to display the real names, please put this into your init file.

    (setq find-file-visit-truename t)

    If the file is controlled by vc, refer to vc-follow-symlinks.






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