Inline results from calc

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Literate Calc Mode

Literate programming for M-x calc.

Displays inline results for calculations, supports variables and updates as you type (if you want). Also works in your favourite markup mode.



There is both a major literate-calc-mode and a minor literate-calc-minor-mode. The major mode does some basic syntax highlighting, while the minor mode only evaluates all calc statements while typing.

The minor mode works quite well with org-/markdown mode or other markup language major modes.

There are also some functions which can be called without any mode being active:

M-x literate-calc-eval-line Evaluates a single line
M-x literate-calc-eval-buffer Evaluates the whole buffer
M-x literate-calc-insert-results Evaluates the whole buffer and inserts results
M-x literate-calc-clear-overlays Removes all overlays and clears variables


This is a literate calc file.

Lines without "=" are ignored.

All results starting with "=>" are an overlay generated by
literate-calc-mode. That means they are displayed in Emacs, but not
actually in the buffer/file contents.

We can calculate a value like so:

= 2 + 2 => 4

If there is any string on the left hand side, it becomes a bound

Pi = 3.14159 => Pi: 3.14159

We can use this variable below the definiton.

Tau = Pi * 2 => Tau: 6.28318

Results are calculated using Emacs' own calc, so you can use formulas
as well.

= round(Pi, 2) => 3.14

Later bindings shadow earlier ones:

Pi = 3 => Pi: 3

= Pi => 3

Variable names can have spaces as well:

Monthly Expenses = 500 => Monthly Expenses: 500

Monthly Income = 1000 => Monthly Income: 1000

Annual Savings = 12 * (Monthly Income - Monthly Expenses) => Annual Savings: 6000

All values are recalculated on every update in a spreadsheet-like