Citations and bibliography for org-re-reveal

hypermedia, tools, slideshow, presentation, bibliography


Sample presentation with bibliography



  • Install reveal.js
  • Activate org-re-reveal-ref
    • Place this directory into your load path or install it from MELPA
    • Load package manually (M-x load-library followed by org-re-reveal-ref) or place (require 'org-re-reveal-ref) into your “~/.emacs” and restart
  • Load an Org file and export it to HTML
    • Make sure that reveal.js is available in your current directory (e.g., as sub-directory or symbolic link)
    • Load “” (coming with org-re-reveal-ref)
    • Export to HTML: Press C-c C-e v r (write HTML file) or C-c C-e v b (write HTML file and open in browser)


  • Teaching resources should be free and open
  • My requirements (see cite:Lec19)
    • (Re-) Usable with FLOSS
    • Following paradigm of single sourcing (see cite:Roc01)
    • Platform independent, also offline use

Reveal.js presentations


  • Org-re-reveal provides Org mode export functionality to generate HTML presentations with reveal.js
    • See cite:SD11 for an introduction to Org mode
  • Such presentations offer lots of features
    • Themes, animations, and slide transitions
    • Speaker’s view with preview, notes, and timer
    • Embedding of images, audio, video, mathematical formulas
    • Many more


  • This package adds support for citations and bibliography to org-re-reveal
  • Use citations of org-ref as usual
    • With export to reveal.js and PDF



  • Use cite commands as usual
  • Insert bibliography on separate slide with printbibliography
    • See next slide
    • Important: You must use a CUSTOM_ID on that slide, whose value is that of customizable variable org-re-reveal-ref-bib



License Information

  • This file is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later version.