Pasting to a plaster host with buffers.

convenience, paste service


About Plaster

Plaster is a pasting service for Radiance. It uses Code Mirror for its editor and thus supports highlighting and editing features for a plethora of languages. It also offers paste annotations, encrypting and protecting pastes, as well as anonymous pasting.

How To

Set up Radiance and load plaster through quicklisp or ASDF. Plaster occupies the subdomain plaster.

Interface Dependencies

  • database
  • data-model
  • user
  • auth
  • profile

Configuration Variables

  • (:plaster :maxpastes)
    Maximum pastes allowed per user. Defaults to NIL (infinite).
  • (:plaster :cooldown)
    Amount of seconds required between pastes. Defaults to NIL (none).
  • (:plaster :anon)
    Whether anonymous pasting is allowed or not. Defaults to T.
  • (:plaster :captcha)
    Whether to use a captcha for anonymous pastes. Defaults to T.
  • (:plaster :encrypt-salt)
    The salt to use for encrypting pastes. Defaults to a random string.


  • (plaster admin)
  • (plaster preferences)