Highlight C-style preprocessor directives.

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preproc-font-lock - Highlight C-style preprocessor directives

Author: Anders Lindgren
Version: 0.0.5

Preproc Font Lock is an Emacs package that highlight C-style preprocessor directives. The main feature is support for macros that span multiple lines.

Preproc Font Lock is implemented as two minor modes: preproc-font-lock-mode and preproc-font-lock-global-mode. The former can be applied to individual buffers and the latter to all buffers.


Place this package in a directory in the load-path. To activate it, use customize or place the following lines in a suitable init file:

   (require 'preproc-font-lock)
   (preproc-font-lock-global-mode 1)


You can customize this package using the following:

  • preproc-font-lock-preprocessor-background -- The face used to highlight the preprocessor directive
  • preproc-font-lock-modes -- A list of major modes. A buffer is highlighted if it's major mode is, or is derived from, a member of this list.


Below is a screenshot of a sample C file, demonstrating the effect of this package:

See doc/demo.png for screenshot of Preproc Font Lock

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