Live-narrowing of search results for proced.

processes, proced



This package provdes live filtering of processes in proced buffer. In general, after calling proced-narrow you type a filter string into the minibufferto filter the list of processes. After each change proced-narrow automatically reflects the change in the buffer. Typing C-g will cancel the narrowing and restore the origininal view, typing RET will exit the live filtering and leave the proced buffer in the narrow state. To bring it back to the original view, you can call `revert buffer' (usually bound to g).


(use-package proced-narrow
    :ensure t
    :bind (:map proced-mode-map
        ("/" . proced-narrow)))


  1. Open up proced (M-x proced)
  2. Press / (given you've followed the installation instructions above)
  3. Type the name of the process you want to filter for e.g. emacs
  4. Press RET to keep the narrowed buffer or C-g to cancel the narrowing and restore the original view.


GNU General Public License, Version 3.0