Digital Infrastructure on Cargo

libc 0.2.74
Raw FFI bindings to platform libraries like libc.
Cargo - Rust - Updated - 835 stars - 20.7K Dependent Repositories - 361 contributors
rand 0.7.3
Random number generators and other randomness functionality.
Cargo - Rust - Updated - 571 stars - 15.3K Dependent Repositories - 546 contributors
bitflags 1.2.0
A macro to generate structures which behave like bitflags.
Cargo - Rust - Updated - 287 stars - 14.3K Dependent Repositories - 47 contributors
log 0.4.11
A lightweight logging facade for Rust
Cargo - Rust - Updated - 845 stars - 14.2K Dependent Repositories - 74 contributors
lazy_static 1.4.0
A macro for declaring lazily evaluated statics in Rust.
Cargo - Rust - Updated - 938 stars - 14K Dependent Repositories - 43 contributors
winapi 0.3.9
Raw FFI bindings for all of Windows API.
Cargo - Rust - Updated - 987 stars - 13.9K Dependent Repositories - 128 contributors
serde 1.0.114
A generic serialization/deserialization framework
Cargo - Rust - Updated - 3.23K stars - 13.6K Dependent Repositories - 132 contributors
byteorder 1.3.3
Library for reading/writing numbers in big-endian and little-endian.
Cargo - Rust - Updated - 490 stars - 11K Dependent Repositories - 42 contributors
serde_json 1.0.56
A JSON serialization file format
Cargo - Rust - Updated - 1.57K stars - 10.1K Dependent Repositories - 72 contributors

What is Digital Infrastructure?

Digital Infrastructure is the free and open source software contributed as a public good that underpins much of today's technology. As Nadia Eghbal posed in her excellent primer Roads and Bridges' for the Ford Foundation:

"Shared, public code makes up the digital infrastructure of our society today. In the face of unprecedented demand, the costs of not supporting our digital infrastructure are numerous. No individual company or organisation is incentivised to address the public good problem alone. In order to support our digital infrastructure, we must find ways to work together."

You can support these packages by reviewing the code, helping out with open issues and thanking the maintainers for their hard work.

This is an experiment based available dependency data from package manager repositories that make it easily available.

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