Unseen Infrastructure on CRAN

sp 1.3-1
Classes and Methods for Spatial Data
CRAN - R - Updated - 84 stars - 1.24K Dependent Repositories - 8 contributors
foreach 1.5.0
Provides Foreach Looping Construct
CRAN - R - Updated - 17 stars - 1.22K Dependent Repositories - 3 contributors
gridExtra 2.3
Miscellaneous Functions for "Grid" Graphics
CRAN - R - Updated - 11 stars - 1.05K Dependent Repositories - 3 contributors

What is Unseen Infrastructure?

Unseen infrastructure are open source packages that are heavily depended upon by the community but don't receive much recognition or attention.

This page shows packages that are depended upon by at least 1,000 other open source repositories but have less than 100 stars.

You can help out by reviewing the code for these packages, helping out with open issues and thanking the maintainers for their hard work.

This is an experiment based on contributions and available dependency data from package manager repositories that make it easily available.

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