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Add cppcoro library compiler-explorer/compiler-explorer

Add this library for playing around with coroutines in trunk compilers:

Created - 1 comment - C++ good first issue new-libs

C++ syntax highlighter doesn't recognise final keyword compiler-explorer/compiler-explorer

The syntax highlighter doesn't support the C++ `final` keyword.

Created - 2 comments - C++ good first issue

[Windows] symbolic link: Error missing file or accessing cache location Revolutionary-Games/Thrive

windows 10 c:\disks\app is a mounted disk c:\app\games is symbolic link to c:\disks\app\games Thrive- is unpacked into C:\app\Games\SIM\Thrive Error missing file or ac...

Created - 2 comments - Bug C++ engine good first issue help wanted intermediate programming

URLHost not robust when re-setting its value nodejs/node

* **Version**: master * **Platform**: all * **Subsystem**: url, src Currently, the `SetOpaque()` and `SetDomain()` methods of `URLHost` class in `` always overwrite the existing str...

Created - 3 comments - C++ good first issue mentor-available url-whatwg

Add Fibonacci Search Algorithm TesseractCoding/NeoAlgo

**Algorithm:** [Fibonacci Search]( **DS:** Searching **Languages Supported:** - C - C++ - Java - Javascript - Python [ ...

Created - 3 comments - C C# C++ Easy Java Javascript Python enhancement good first issue

No DNS Search Domain support in C-Ares calls nodejs/node

* **Version**: node:9.2.0-slim (Docker image) * **Platform**: Linux 8f48fe466727 4.9.49-moby 1 SMP Fri Dec 8 13:40:02 UTC 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux * **Subsystem**: dns It would seem that currentl...

Created - 4 comments - C++ cares dns feature request good first issue

MIPS labels aren't tracked correctly (`$LC0` and the like) compiler-explorer/compiler-explorer


Created - 5 comments - Assembly bug C++ good first issue

New Compounds and Processes Revolutionary-Games/Thrive

Compounds: - Pyruvate - Fatty Acid - Protein - Nucleotide - Nucleic Acid Processes: - Glycolysis: 1 Glucose -> 2 Pyruvate + 2 ATP - Modify Respiration: 1 Pyruvate + 3 Oxygen -> 3 CO2 + 18 ATP (we ...

Created - 8 comments - AngelScript C++ easy programming

V8: upcoming deprecation warnings nodejs/node

The [latest canary update]( uncovered a few new deprecations from V8. ~I didn't check, but those can probably already be...

Created - 11 comments - C++ V8 Engine good first issue

`ecdh.setPublicKey` is actually useful and should be undeprecated nodejs/node

So `ecdh.setPublicKey` has been deprecated since v5.2.0, but there is a certain use case where it is very useful: when you need to uncompress a compressed public key. Here's how I would uncompre...

Created - 11 comments - C++ crypto feature request good first issue mentor-available

Feature request: better crypto error messages nodejs/node

- **Version**: master - **Platform**: N/A - **Subsystem**: crypto I noticed today when working with public keys and verifying signatures that I would get generic error messages when there was a pr...

Created - 19 comments - C++ crypto feature request good first issue

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