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Calling `main` rust-lang/rust-clippy

Apart from special setups (which we could detect following attributes like `#![no_std]`), recursing into `main()` seems like an unintuitive antipattern we should be able to detect.

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Disable metadata server on OS X servo/saltfs

There is a metadata service on OS X that indexes files which was thrashing the disks of our OS X builders. We've disabled it for now by hand, but this should get added to Salt to prevent it from re...

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Support non-negative parsing of lengths for Either<Length, T> types servo/servo

In `components/style/values/specified/`, [we have this](, whi...

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remove obsolete paint threads option servo/servo

Paint threads used to control how many threads we split CPU painting over. Since we no longer have CPU painting, this option is currently doing nothing and should be removed. All uses seem to be sh...

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Upload stylo (geckolib) docs to servo/servo

The command `./mach cargo-geckolib doc` will build documentation for the `geckoservo` crate and its dependencies, in the `target/geckolib/doc` directory. It would be nice to have this run automati...

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Move grid types to generic module servo/servo

Lately, we've been translating most of the predefined types to generic alternatives (so that they share their `ToCss` implementations). They all live in `components/style/values/generics`. There ar...

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Style issues in components/style/properties/longhand/ servo/servo

There are a few occurrences of: ```rust let theta = try!(specified::Angle::parse_with_unitless(context,input)); ``` There should be a space after the comma between the arguments.

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Reduce code duplication when adding a SessionHistoryChange servo/servo

The constellation has quite a few occurrences of: ```rust self.handle_load_start_msg(new_pipeline_id); self.pending_changes.push(SessionHistoryChange { top_level_browsing_context_id: top_le...

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Remove immeta dependency from net_traits servo/servo

The Cargo.toml file for components/net_traits declares a dependency on immeta, but we don't have a corresponding `extern crate` for it in the ``. This means it is unused and can be removed. ...

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Move `Percentage` value structs to servo/servo

Currently `Percentage` structs are in `components/style/values/{specified,computed}/`. They have been put to this file probably because many length values are using it. But they are not re...

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Rename `TypeKind::Named` to `TypeKind::TypeParam` rust-lang/rust-bindgen

And anywhere we refer to "named" types, we should start referring to "type parameters". If you want to pick this up, just drop a comment :) I suggest starting by reading and r...

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Use `Filter buffer by name and type` algorithm implementation for all performance entry list getters servo/servo

#18176 introduces the implementation of the [Filter buffer by name and type]( algorithm. According to the [spec](https://w...

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Prevent reentrancy in TreeWalker::accept_node and NodeIterator::accept_node servo/servo

accept_node implements the [filter]( algorithm from the specification, but that algorithm has been updated since it was first written. We need to ad...

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Performance observer must replace observer if it's already present servo/servo

It seems that we are not implementing [step 3]( from the `PerformanceObserver.observe()` method spec properly. Test:...

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Remove integrity check for no-cors requests servo/servo

The Fetch specification has been updated to allow non-empty integrity strings for requests that are marked as no-cors: We should remove the corresponding...

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Replace manual implementations of Runnable::name with automatic type name servo/servo

We have a [Runnable]( trait with a name method. This method is used to improve profiling output so we can tell at runtime which concre...

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Make BindgenOptions be pub(crate) rust-lang/rust-bindgen

Its public use has been deprecated for a while now, and it is only meant for internal use.

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Make fire_mouse_event accept an enum instead of a string argument servo/servo

We only use the `fire_mouse_event` method for specific kinds of mouse events, so it should accept a stronly-typed enum that can be converted into an appropriate string value. Code: `components/s...

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GamepadButtonList::sync_from_vr should use more iterators servo/servo

Instead of using an index variable and unwrapping the result of calling `get`, we should use the [zip]( iterator method to iterate ove...

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Default to generating constified enums, rather than generating Rust enums servo/rust-bindgen

Right now, we translate C/C++ enums into Rust enums by default. This is problematic because it is OK for C/C++ code to return some `int` that *isn't* one of the enum variants, and that is well defi...

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Stop passing `whitelisted_items` as an argument to the codegen functions, and use ctx.codegen_ite... servo/rust-bindgen

This was computed on the fly before and passed as an argument. Now we precompute it in ``, and just pass `codegen_items()` as an argument. We should be able to remove that argument alt...

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size_t vs usize rust-lang/rust-bindgen

### Input C/C++ Header ```C++ #include <stddef.h> static size_t A = 5; ``` bindgen converts `size_t` to `usize. but I'm not sure that's correct. the unsafe guidelines(https://rust-lang.g...

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counter-reset and counter-increment should serialize empty vec to "none" rather than empty servo/servo

The code to fix is It should generate `none` rather t...

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tidy: Make tidy check that opening and closing braces that begin a line do so with proper alignment. servo/servo

I think it makes sense if we enforce the invariant that at least a `{` or `}` that begins a line should do so with a multiple of 4 spaces to the left. That'd prevent stuff like

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Make no_viewport_percentage! use an absolute path for HasViewportPercentage servo/servo

Currently to use `no_viewport_percentage!`, one needs to first import the `HasViewportPercentage` trait in scope. This is a paper cut.

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RestyleReplacements unused in components/script/dom/ servo/servo

``` warning: unused import: `RestyleReplacements` --> /home/manfred/src/servo/components/script/dom/ | 134 | use style::restyle_hints::{RestyleHint, RestyleReplacements...

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Document bitfield usage in the users guide rust-lang/rust-bindgen

Similar to the section on using unions, we should have a section on using bitfields.

Created - 4 comments - A-bitfields C-assigned E-easy I-needs-docs

Remove rendering_threads option in the CEF port. servo/servo is removing its only user. Once it lands we can remove it without problems. The field is in `ports/cef/`, I don't think this would require more ...

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Use entry global's origin in "is origin clean" check for canvas rendering servo/servo

`Canvas2dRenderingContext::is_origin_clean` uses the origin of the canvas's document's url's origin. says w...

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Node::style should move to Element after #19881 lands servo/servo

Right now all the callers do: ```rust self.upcast::<Node>().style(); ``` And I'm glad they do because the code panics if the node is not an element. So we should just move `Node::style` ...

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