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Integration tests for sparse/dense products vbarrielle/sprs

Because it seems doc-tests cannot use other crates.

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Diagonal and diagonal view vbarrielle/sprs

.diagonal would allocate a sparse vector while .diag_view could allocate a lazy diagonal proxy, trading time for memory

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Sparse mat / dense vector product needs cleanup vbarrielle/sprs

Right now this product is either available as a special case of the sparse/dense matrix multiplication, or as a free function that only takes slices as input. We need to rewrite the free function ...

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Logging in on a crate page displays a spinner on the follow button rust-lang/

## Steps to reproduce: - Log out of - Navigate to a crate's page, like - Log in. - You should still be on, and the follo...

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Update documentation to use `cc` crate instead of `gcc` rust-lang/cargo

Recently, `cc 1.0` was released, as a replacement for `gcc`. However, Cargo's docs still mention `gcc`:

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the links is not doct in manifest.html rust-lang/cargo

I was looking for the specification for the `links = ` attribute in a `Cargo.toml` so I looked in the definition in but it is not there! @...

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Get rid of `Workspace::current` method rust-lang/cargo

`Workspace` has `current` method: It is not actually used that much, and...

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rustdoc: item summaries that are headers are not printed in module pages, under hoedown rust-lang/rust

```rust /// # Check out this struct! pub struct SomeStruct; ``` This will show up differently in docs depending on whether Hoedown or Pulldown is being used. It's not a rendering difference f...

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rustdoc: move `#[macro_use] extern crate` statements outside the generated main in doctests rust-lang/rust

In i moved plain `extern crate some_crate` statements outside the `fn main` that rustdoc generates, but i failed to take `#[macro_use]` attributes into ...

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Show snippet of 'description' in reverse dependency list rust-lang/

It would be helpful if the reverse dependency list could show a snippet of the `description` in addition to the name, to give some idea of what each rev dep package does. I was looking at reverse d...

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Total downloads count isn't comma separated on user page rust-lang/


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Please use a little more width for crate pages on screens rust-lang/

When rendering on a full-size screen (rather than mobile), the crates page still renders content in a very narrow column. The width used on almost every other page seems fine, but crate pages have ...

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False positive for closures: The type placeholder `_` is not allowed within types on item signatures intellij-rust/intellij-rust

Hi, The [following valid code]( triggers this false positive: ``` fn main() { let cb = || -> Option<_> { ...

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Formatter should add `;` after `break and continute intellij-rust/intellij-rust

```rust loop { if cond { break } } ``` -> ```rust loop { if cond { break; } } ``` We already have this logic for return:

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Remove deprecation warning for --crate-type=metadata rust-lang/rust

UPDATE: Very easy way first bug! [Mentoring instructions here.]( ----- This didn't spend long in the wild, so we don't ne...

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expected types of closure arguments are not inferred when coercing to a `fn` rust-lang/rust

Type inference for the expected type of arguments doesn't work when coercing from a closure expression. For example, this code does not compile <> (at least, not without an expl...

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Miri and miri-related code contains repetitions of `(n << amt) >> amt` rust-lang/rust

All of these should be deduplicated under a common set of functions that do sign extension or truncation of integers. The functions should live somewhere in `librustc`, so probably `librustc::mi...

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Add the ability for crate authors to add code coverage badges to their crate rust-lang/

Part of [RFC 1824](, rust-lang/rust#41616. Start with [Coveralls] and [Codecov]( [Cov...

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Test timezone handling on backend rust-lang/

As discussed in #1146, it would be nice to test the date format to ensure proper timezone handling. This could be done by setting the time to a specific value and checking the output against a sta...

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Add impl members assist shold not copy docstrings and attrs rust-analyzer/rust-analyzer

when invoking assist for `impl PartialEq for Diagnostics`, I get ``` impl PartialEq for Diagnostics { /// This method tests for `self` and `other` values to be equal, and is used ...

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Manpage does not document all the commands rust-lang/cargo

cargo has a "secret" command called rustc that allows the user to input extra flags to pass-through to rustc in addition to the flags cargo normally provides to rustc during build. This feature is ...

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In 2018 edition, warn about `cargo install`ing the current crate rust-lang/cargo

Running `cargo install` installs the binaries for the project in current working directory. This might be a surprising behavior for people coming from other ecosystems, especially the node one. The...

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Ambiguous elided lifetime error claims non-elided lifetime is elided rust-lang/rust

``` rust struct Thing<'a>(&'a ()); fn func1<'a>(_arg: &'a Thing) -> &() { unimplemented!() } fn func2<'a>(_arg: &Thing<'a>) -> &() { unimplemented!() } ``` gives ``` 3:37 error: mi...

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API Docs: std::floating point stuff rust-lang/rust

Part of like pretty sure these are generated too, for all of them. Here's what's needed to close out this issu...

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Create directory for dump-mir-dir automatically rust-lang/rust

I have tried this command to dump MIR things : ``` sh cargo rustc -- -Z dump-mir=all -Z dump-mir-dir=target/mir/ ``` But it won't create the directory for me, I need to create the directory befo...

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-Z treat-err-as-bug panics even when no errors occur rust-lang/rust

``` echo 'fn test(){} fn main() {}' | rustc - -Z treat-err-as-bug <anon>:1:1: 1:12 warning: function is never used: `test`, #[warn(dead_code)] on by default <anon>:1 fn test(){} fn main() {} ...

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Wrong message from object safety checker rust-lang/rust

**UPDATE:** There are mentoring instructions to be found [in a comment below]( --- Object safety checker produces messag...

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Unnecessary use of #[reexport_test_harness_main] in test rust-lang/rust

While trying to figure out what the `#[reexport_test_harness_main]` attribute did, I ran across this line of code.

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ICE: non-lifetime passed to :lifetime rust-lang/rust

This code crashes the compiler. However, the location of the error is pointed out, which is nice. ```rust #![feature(macro_lifetime_matcher)] macro_rules! m { ($x:lifetime) => { } } m!(a)...

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Region folding not supported intellij-rust/intellij-rust

![regionfoldinggif]( #### Region Folding Region folding is a wonderful code-organization feature standard in Intellij/Webstorm/...

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