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Provide AddMutableFix for assignments with immutable references intellij-rust/intellij-rust

`RsAssignToImmutableInspection` [provides]( `AddMutableFix` for values, but not for references. It would be useful to provide such fix for ...

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Parameter inlay hint separate from variable type inlay? rust-analyzer/rust-analyzer

Would it be possible for these to be separate options? I'm not a big fan of the type inlays, I prefer hovering if I need them, but the recently added parameter name inlay is super nice

Created - 3 comments - E-medium E-mentor good first issue

When looking for worksapce root, don't step over CARGO_HOME rust-lang/cargo

See the description of the problem in The gist is that if you invoke cargo inside CARGO_HOME, which is inside a workspace, Cargo sho...

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Error message "mismatched types" has wrong types rust-lang/rust

UPDATE: If you are interested in fixing this bug, there are [mentoring instructions in this comment below.]( --- ``` rust...

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Extend 'unimplemented!' API docs to mention new parameter functionality rust-lang/rust

Follow-up to

Created - 4 comments - C-enhancement E-easy E-mentor P-medium T-doc

permit `crate` as a shorthand visibility identifier rust-lang/rust

As part of, we plan to support `crate` as a visibility modifier equivalent to `pub(crate)`. Given that `pub(crate)` exists, this should be relatively ...

Created - 4 comments - E-easy E-mentor T-compiler WG-compiler-front hacktoberfest

Add the ability for crate authors to add badges to their crate rust-lang/

Part of [RFC 1824](, rust-lang/rust#41616. [][] provides badges indicating the time to reso...

Created - 4 comments - A-badges E-easy E-help-wanted E-mentor

When ammonia supports allowing only certain values for attributes, re-enable syntax highlighting rust-lang/

We [had to disable classes on `code` tags]( because [you could use arbitrary classes to do arbitrary things](h...

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make tidy could detect empty files rust-lang/rust


Created - 5 comments - A-build E-easy E-mentor I-papercut

Forgetting to call a variant constructor causes a confusing error message rust-lang/rust

## STR ``` Rust struct Foo(u32); fn test() -> Foo { Foo } fn main() { } ``` ## Confusing result ``` error[E0308]: mismatched types --> <anon>:3:20 | 3 | fn test() -> Foo { Foo } | ...

Created - 5 comments - A-diagnostics C-enhancement E-easy E-mentor WG-compiler-errors

`make install` doesn't work correctly with relative directory prefixes rust-lang/rust

When I configured with `--prefix=install-prefix` and ran `make install`, my install ended up in `./tmp/empty_dir/install-prefix`.

Created - 5 comments - A-build E-easy E-mentor I-wrong T-tools

AsciiExt docs are incorrect rust-lang/rust > Extension methods for ASCII-subset only operations on string slices. but at the bottom ```rust impl AsciiExt for str ...

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Document applying categories/adding new categories rust-lang/

Looking through the categories on I see no information on how to apply these categories to my own crate/add new categories. I assume there are plans to document this, but I couldn't see a...

Created - 5 comments - A-categories A-docs C-enhancement E-easy E-help-wanted E-mentor hacktoberfest T-infra

Add rustfmt to run on travis and fail the build rust-lang/

After #574 is done, so that we have one commit with all the old code reformatted, I'd like to keep the code formatted nicely going forward by adding rustfmt to Travis like we have jslint that fails...

Created - 5 comments - A-development blocked E-easy E-help-wanted E-mentor

Display doc comments for private types rust-lang/ is documented as its own crate [as cargo_registry](, and the S3 interaction as [cargo_registry_s3](

Created - 5 comments - C-enhancement E-easy E-help-wanted E-mentor

Yanked crates shouldn't be displayed on user/team pages rust-lang/

Related to #145. Since we currently only keep track of yanked-ness on version records rather than on crate records, implementing this involves: - [ ] Changing the [query for the crates a user...

Created - 5 comments - A-yank C-enhancement E-easy E-mentor

Gnome Builder support rust-analyzer/rust-analyzer

It seems that Gnome Builder supports LSP, but doesn't allow users to configure the path to the server. Replacing `rls` with `rust-analyzer` in `/usr/lib/gnome-builder/plugins/` should ...

Created - 5 comments - E-mentor fun good first issue

Integral type mismatch error messages should use "expression" instead of "variable" rust-lang/rust

Type mismatch error messages involving integral expressions use the word "variable", when the problematic term is an expression. I tried this code: ```rust fn main() { let f = if true { ...

Created - 6 comments - A-diagnostics E-easy E-mentor

Handle git info in rustbuild differently rust-lang/rust

Right now we encode git information directly into the rustc binary that we build during the normal build process, and this information powers `rustc -vV` and such. At this time, however, this git i...

Created - 6 comments - A-rustbuild C-enhancement E-easy E-mentor

`f32::from_str` and `f64::from_str`: parser returned error on just a '.' (a dot) rust-lang/rust

Hi! I found a mismatch between documentation and behavior of stable Rust. When I tried to parse a string equal `"."` `f32/f64::from_str` returned `Err(...)` instead of `Ok(0.0)`, as it states in o...

Created - 6 comments - C-bug E-easy E-mentor T-doc

docs for str::find say closure but don't use a closuer rust-lang/rust > More complex patterns with closures: ... but it uses point-free style, not closures. We should probably show both.

Created - 6 comments - E-easy E-mentor P-medium T-doc

Reduce span highlighted code in unused_variables lint rust-lang/rust

Let's say I wrote this critical piece of code: ```rust fn main() { let mut i = 42; } ``` rustc gives me the following output: ``` warning: unused variable: `i` --> src/

Created - 6 comments - A-diagnostics E-easy E-mentor

category_slugs is very hard to find rust-lang/

I wanted to add some categories to a project and I searched ~40-60 minutes until I found them(I found the page randomly before, when trying to publish one of my own projects - so I knew how it shou...

Created - 6 comments - A-categories A-docs C-bug E-easy E-help-wanted E-mentor

In addition to CARGO_TARGET_DIR env var, support --target-dir command line option rust-lang/cargo

@nirbheek you wanted this for messon integration. Could you elaborate on why do you think it is better than an environmet variable? @rust-lang/cargo it seems that such addition would be E-easy a...

Created - 7 comments - E-easy E-help-wanted E-mentor

Using a tuple-like data type with a record-like pattern (or vice versa) produces an opaque diagno... rust-lang/rust

One of the ways to reproduce: ```rust enum X { Y(u32) } fn main() { match X::Y(0) { X::Y { data } => () } } ``` This results in: ``` error[E0026]: variant `X::Y` ...

Created - 7 comments - A-diagnostics C-enhancement E-easy E-mentor

Repeated "mutable/immutable borrow" error messages rust-lang/rust

Minimal example: ```rust fn do_something<T>(collection: &mut Vec<T>) { let a = &collection; collection.swap(1, 2); } ``` Error message (ran in playground): ``` rustc 1.17.0 (5612...

Created - 7 comments - A-diagnostics C-enhancement E-easy E-mentor WG-compiler-errors

Add macro checks to lints rust-lang/rust

From Many of our lints trigger even when the code is within a macro defined by an external crate. They should include macro checks. Clippy has [...

Created - 7 comments - A-lint E-easy E-mentor

Add another column to the homepage for "Most Recently Downloaded" rust-lang/

Instructions for fixing this, can be done in 2 separate PRs but they will need to be done in order :) ## PR 1: backend - [x] In the [`summary` function that returns JSON for the /api/v1/summa...

Created - 7 comments - A-API A-ui C-enhancement E-easy E-mentor hacktoberfest T-infra

Latest Version of Crate Does Not Show For Alpha Versions rust-lang/

Example: (example will work until I publish a non-alpha version) Test case: - Have some 0.x.x versions (not sure if they need to be yanked or not to reproduce th...

Created - 7 comments - A-versions A-yank C-bug E-easy E-help-wanted E-mentor hacktoberfest T-infra

Tracking issue for bindings in sub-patterns after `@`s rust-lang/rust

Pre-1.0 Rust used to support writing code like: ```rust match x { y @ z => { ... } } match a { b @ Some(c) => { ... } } ``` PR #16053 disabled the ability to write such code...

Created - 8 comments - A-NLL A-codegen A-mir C-tracking-issue E-easy E-help-wanted E-medium E-mentor F-bindings_after_at T-lang

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