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map with different length iterators JuliaLang/julia

Is it reasonable that `map` can deal with infinite length iterators well but fails to work with two different finite length iterators? ``` map(+, [1,2,3], repeated(5)) 3-element Array{Any,1}: 6 ...

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Undocumented exceptions JuliaLang/julia

Some days ago I generated a list of `Exception`s without inline documentation. Here it is: ``` Base.DNSError Base.Distributed.BatchProcessingError Base.LibGit2.Error.GitError Base.LinAlg.A...

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no method matching isvalid(::SubString{String}) JuliaLang/julia

Although the docs say "Char" or "String" ``` Returns true if the given value is valid for that type. Types currently can be either Char or String. ``` SubStrings should be accepted as well,...

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