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Add KeyedDecodingContainer extensions SwifterSwift/SwifterSwift

Add the following extensions to `KeyedDecodingContainer` ```swift public extension KeyedDecodingContainer where Key: CodingKey { /// SwifterSwift: Try to decode a Bool as Int then String b...

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Schemes contain extension in name after writing tuist/XcodeProj

## Context 🕵️‍♀️ When we read the project and furthermore the schemes we store the `name` property as `path. path.lastComponent` which includes the extension. e.g. *Scheme*: `iOS.xcscheme` -> _...

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Fully automate the release process tuist/XcodeProj

## Context 🕵️‍♀️ Although some of the release steps are automated, there are still some that have to be done manually. There are Ruby tools out there that we could leverage to automate all the ste...

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Add right bar button Item to Nav bar laurrenreed/WWCodeDFW

Add a right bar button item titled "Donate" to the Navigation bar. Add DonationsViewController to the button and a back button out of that view controller. Acceptance Criteria: As a user, when I ...

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Add more example ios apps to the repo jogendra/example-ios-apps

Find some open source ios apps and add their repo link to this repo so that ios developer and beginner can get benefit. Also you can use pull request for **Hacktoberfest**.

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Add tab bar laurrenreed/WWCodeDFW

Add tab bar and 4 bar button items to match the InVision document. Font awesome is a great place to get free ...

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.xcschemes get deleted when the project gets saved tuist/XcodeProj

## Context I read a project and saved it back after doing some changes. ## What All the `.xcscheme` files got removed: ![image](

Created - 6 comments - difficulty:moderate good first issue Hacktoberfest priority:high status:ready-development type:bug

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