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DOC: is confusing for ddof parameter of sem, var and std functions pandas-dev/pandas It states that _ddof_ is for degrees of freedom with default value of 1. But...

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DOC: improve docs for broadcasting behavior pandas-dev/pandas

The following result was quite surprising to me: ```python >>> df = pd.DataFrame({'a': np.arange(3), 'b': np.ones(3)}) >>> df + [np.ones(3), np.ones(3)] ...

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ERR: pivot_table when number of levels larger than int32 range pandas-dev/pandas

#### Code Sample, a copy-pastable example if possible ``` import pandas as pd dat = pd.DataFrame({'ind1':list(range(1337600))*2,'ind2':list(range(3040))*2*440,'count':[1]*2*1337600}) dat.pivo...

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BUG: int64 overflow/wrap around with sum() pandas-dev/pandas

#### Code Sample, a copy-pastable example if possible ```python In [1]: import pandas as pd In [2]: s = pd.Series([2**31]) In [3]: print(s.dtype, s.sum()) (dtype('int64'), -2147483648) ...

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ENH: calculate average absolute difference by mean, median or mode pandas-dev/pandas

The generic function `.mad()` calculates the mean absolute difference of a set of data, but in some cases the median absolute difference is more appropriate. In `R`, the `mad()` function accepts a ...

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DOC: Clarifiy fill_value behavior in arithmetic ops pandas-dev/pandas

When adding two DataFrames using `df1.add(df2)` one can use the `fill_value` parameter to fill in any NaNs that might come up. This parameter seems pretty broken: ```python a = pd.DataFrame(np....

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