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StreamReader detectEncodingFromByteOrderMarks needs tests dotnet/corefx

We don't check that the detection algorithm works as expected. At the very least we should check that we set the encoding correctly based on the data stream. It would also be good to actually read ...

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Ensure file path is in IO exception messages dotnet/corefx

Historically IO exceptions have often not contained the path often due to CAS. That is not a concern any more and it is certainly more helpful to get "Access to the path '{0}' is denied." rather th...

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Improve code coverage of System.IO.FileSystem.AccessControl (8.9%) dotnet/corefx

@danmosemsft created #14352 to increase unit tests. I added some tests with issue #15375 and a pull request. I have added some more tests that increase coverage to 8.7% Please assign me to th...

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Remove duplication of SHGetKnownFolderPath calls dotnet/corefx

The two different native calls in this file are actually identical. Remove the rigamarole around deciding which one to call

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