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[Autocomplete] Should input prevent form submit by default when use freeSolo and multiple mode? mui-org/material-ui


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[Autocomplete] with virtualized have horizontal scroll in codesanbox mui-org/material-ui

<!-- Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above --> Hello, i try using autocomplete with react-window. I take your example in docs, there all well, but when i try use example in [co...

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Errors from Visitor should point to beginning of the object serde-rs/json

In the following string validation, the error message points to the close quote after "test123". It would be nicer to point to the opening quote instead. ```rust #[macro_use] extern crate serd...

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Client secret found in GET URI MUST not exist oauth-xx/oauth2

“The parameters can only be transmitted in the request-body and MUST NOT be included in the request URI.” From the OAuth spec, we should not allow client_secret to ever appear in the URL, yet ther...

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Make plugins Command Line and Autoloader compatible PrismJS/prism

See #1413 for details.

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Prints warnings when rendered within <React.StrictMode> facebook/draft-js

**Do you want to request a *feature* or report a *bug*?** Bug **What is the current behavior?** When rendering a draft editor as an ancestor of `<React.StrictMode>`, warnings are printed to the ...

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failing test for bad doc cache normalization apollographql/graphql-tag

graphql-tag has a cache to make multiple `gql` calls with roughly the same text return the same AST. However, the cache key normalization is too sensitive as it makes literal strings with different...

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The example no longer runs under Python 2 sqlalchemy/mako

**Migrated issue, originally created by jvanasco ([@jvanasco](** This might be easier to remove than fix. The problem is that wsgiref expects strings for everything...

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Documentation does not close <%include> tag sqlalchemy/mako

**Migrated issue, originally created by Javier Ruere ([@jruere](** Here:

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Updating hooks break when keys have a `.`. dfahlander/Dexie.js This code updates a key called `is.good.friend`, while a hook simply spreads the modifications object. The result is an object with is.good.friend a...

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Some HyperLogLog tests are not testing what we think. twitter/algebird The code is probably right, but these tests are misleading. They are m...

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Left recursion not detected pest-parser/pest

The validator admits this left-recursive rule: ``` r = { (r | "") ~ "." } ``` But `r ~ "."` and `r | ""` fail to compile, as expected.

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createReducer not working with Typescript (type def errors showing up) streamich/react-use

**What is the current behavior?** At the moment if you use useReducer as in the documentation you get weird errors when using Typescript: ![image](

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Connection marker broken after zoom/scroll on IE bpmn-io/bpmn-js

This is an [Internet Explorer 10+11 bug]( we need to provide a workaround for. ``` if (navigator....

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Mobile click on elements not always working bpmn-io/bpmn-js

When I'm using in a mobile browser, clicking in an element doesn't always open the context pad. I reproduced the problem in the demo provided in google chrome using the emulator. What's not...

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Perma-diff on aws_opsworks_stack custom cookbooks source password hashicorp/terraform

In #6203 I tried to fix a perma-diff issue caused by Opsworks returning the password as literally `"*****FILTERED*****"`. However, that fix was not adequate: the function changed by that patch is ...

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Stubbed startTrackPage/stopTrackPage should have correct timestamp microsoft/ApplicationInsights-JS

The SDK should report correct timestamps for stubbed/queued `startTrackPage` or `stopTrackPage` events. Even if they are called before the full library (`ai.0.js`) file is downloaded.

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Multiple iframe - Getting error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'opener' of undefined sciactive/pnotify

Hi, When I use multiple iframe in my web page with pNotify and do submit or a button click in the page, I am getting error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'opener' of undefined" in at ...

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sabreDAV allows to change UID sabre-io/dav

I notice that sabreDAV seems to allow to change the UID by a PUT request. The response gets a http 204 and the server object contains the new UID. This could be reproduced with an event and contact...

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db-migrate fails to show version if database.json missing db-migrate/node-db-migrate

## I'm submitting a... - [ ] Bug report ## Current behavior ``` db-migrate version [ERROR] Error: Could not find database config file '//database.json' at Object.exports.loadFile (/u...

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description conversion to comments may break if not escaped bcherny/json-schema-to-typescript

```json { "type": "object", "description": "thing", "properties": { "oops": { "type": "object", "description": "oops I did it again */" } }, ...

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regression in links with '@' Soapbox/linkifyjs

#33 fixed an issue with missed urls using '@' but it seems to have affected other content. For example, linkify will pick up "@some.username" as a link. It only seems to be the case in linkify-...

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expo eject logs a bunch of CGColor strings expo/expo-cli

Running `expo eject --eject-method expokit` produces a bunch of `CGColor` strings that don't seem relevant to what I'm doing. ``` b38 $ expo eject --eject-method expokit Your git working tree ...

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Update `output_color` and `output_stencil` when resizing PistonDevelopers/piston_window

Currenctly, does not update the original `PistonWindow`, leading to main target being recreated after window resize for...

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[Zinc] Compiler-bridge caching doesn't invalidate correctly pantsbuild/pants

## Problem We recently found an issue where the compiler bridge fails to invalidate when upgrading a scala patch version. Repro: - Apply this diff: ``` $ git diff diff --git a/src/python/p...

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Currency position issue with Israeli new shekel currency with RTL woocommerce/woocommerce

**Describe the bug** The position of currency is not placed correctly in RTL mode with Israeli New Shekel currency. "Left" is displayed on the left, "Right" is displayed on the right, "Left w...

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Select2 CSS adjustment is affecting other plugins woocommerce/woocommerce

**Describe the bug** `admin.css` is overwriting Select2 default style adding a nice dropdown arrow. This arrow is larger (28px) than the reserved padding (20px). When using Select2 with nullable d...

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