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AES_set_encrypt_key and variants return error codes, but they are ignored briansmith/ring

Look at and other instances where those functions are called. The return value is ignored...

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Connection marker broken after zoom/scroll on IE bpmn-io/bpmn-js

This is an [Internet Explorer 10+11 bug]( we need to provide a workaround for. ``` if (navigator....

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Mobile click on elements not always working bpmn-io/bpmn-js

When I'm using in a mobile browser, clicking in an element doesn't always open the context pad. I reproduced the problem in the demo provided in google chrome using the emulator. What's not...

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Perma-diff on aws_opsworks_stack custom cookbooks source password hashicorp/terraform

In #6203 I tried to fix a perma-diff issue caused by Opsworks returning the password as literally `"*****FILTERED*****"`. However, that fix was not adequate: the function changed by that patch is ...

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Also validate scope if it's a DOM node GoogleChrome/accessibility-developer-tools

In the rules, querySelectorAll is used, but that only selects descendants, not root element as well. I think we should validate the root element too, if it's a DOM node (not the document of course).

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FocusableElementsNotVisibleAndNotAriaHidden should ignore elements not in tab order with no compu... GoogleChrome/accessibility-developer-tools

Screen readers will skip elements without any text content, so we should not include non-tab-focusable elements with an empty computed text content in relevant elements for this rule.

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Update `output_color` and `output_stencil` when resizing PistonDevelopers/piston_window

Currenctly, does not update the original `PistonWindow`, leading to main target being recreated after window resize for...

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JSON.parse error on account admin page codevise/pageflow

When going to `/admin/account/n`, a [piece of JS code runs]( that was originally designed to ru...

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Reporting unplottable types GiovineItalia/Gadfly.jl

The criteria for a type to be plottable is a little complex, so plotting is largely duck typed. This leads to indecipherable errors when a type can't be plotted. There should be an explicit check f...

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MrSID appears to be registered but throws an IOError mapbox/rasterio

Attempt to call `rio info`: ``` console Belafonte:ortho_imagery_NAIPM14_wv003_2931124_01 wursterk$ rio info ortho_imagery-ortho_1-1_1n_s_wv003_2014_1.sid ERROR:GDAL:CPLE_OpenFailed in `/Users/wurs...

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SignUpViewController fields don't update after `emailAsUsername` is set. parse-community/ParseUI-iOS

Failing code snippet: ``` objc PFSignUpViewController *controller = [[PFSignUpViewController alloc] init]; controller.emailAsUsername = YES; controller.fields = PFSignUpFieldsUsernameAndPassword |...

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showOptionsWhenEmpty using Tokenizer fmoo/react-typeahead

It looks like showOptionsWhenEmpty only works with Typeahead. I'm using version 2.0.0-alpha.4 and setting showOptionsWhenEmpty to true works as expected when using Typeahead but not with Tokenizer.

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python_binary `repositories` and `indices` kwargs aren't wired up. pantsbuild/pants

in we declare two kwargs that don't appear to be wired up to pex and throw the follo...

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"Unnormalized" addresses of form src/lang/some/target:target not validated in BUILD files pantsbuild/pants

The error for unnormalized addresses in BUILD files seems to have broken at some point, so people's repos have likely begun to backslide in this area. In particular, the following address used to ...

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Raise more useful errors about unsupported data types mapbox/rasterio

In #1007 a user reports a confusing exception when attempting to save a `np.int8` raster. They'd done everything right, but Rasterio does not map this dtype to a GDAL type and all they get is `Type...

Created - 0 comments - beginner bug cython GDAL

read/write off spec from node implementations filerjs/filer

`offset` and `length` are assumed to be `0` if they aren't set in node, but in Filer we assume 0 and the length of the buffer.

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Incorrect chopping on comments radareorg/radare2

`[0x100001174]> / #` Search performed instead of just showing '/'s help.

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customFds warning from some deps filerjs/filer

`child_process: customFds option is deprecated, use stdio instead.` Each of these dependencies will need to be updated: ``` node_modules/grunt/node_modules/coffee-script/lib/coffee-script/command...

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move clear.js to lib/clear.js hoodiehq/pouchdb-hoodie-api

It doesn't make sense to require it on its own like add, remove or update. It also triggers an event which we don't do in the methods that can be required separately

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doc issue canjs/can-connect ![canjs_-_value](

Created - 0 comments - bug easy p2

Multiplayer window is not closed when server shuts down OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2

**Version:** 0.0.7-develop **Commit/Build:** 8bf817234 When server shuts down, if a client had the "multiplayer" window opened, it stays open allowing client to click things which can lead to c...

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Bridge transport doesn't handle errors gracefully praekelt/vumi

The bridge transport attempts to reconnect immediately after any disconnection. It needs to have some kind of backoff behaviour and it should probably also look at the HTTP response code it gets be...

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Add "log" to PropertyConfigHandler fabric8io/docker-maven-plugin

Currently the log section for the runtime property config is missing in `PropertyConfigHandler.extractRunConfiguration()`. This should be added.

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@Id(shuffle=true) for previously created Ids feroult/yawp

If an entity id was created before we set the flag shuffle at the `@Id` annotation to true, yawp won't be able to unshuffle its id properly (because it is not shuffled). One possible solution is t...

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Lists do not bubble expando properties like maps do canjs/can-list

Because lists lack a bubbleRule like They do not bubble expando events as shown here:,output ```j...

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Sphinx warnings RaRe-Technologies/gensim

Sphinx 1.5.3 [raises 108 warnings]( when generating gensim docs when running ``` cd docs/src make clean html ``` All the files...

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Limpar acentuação das cidades para query IBGE PostmonAPI/postmon

Alguns CEPs não retornam resultado porque o nome da cidade não bate por detalhe de acentuação. Related #154

Created - 0 comments - bug easy ibge

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