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Environment names are not quoted correctly for Capistrano silverstripe-archive/deploynaut

``` [2014-11-06 18:48:29] Running command: cap -f '/var/www/deploy/releases/20141029031715/assets/Capfile' -vv foo:Custom AWS deploy:check ROLES=web -s 'history_path'='/var/www/deploy/logs/deployna...

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Double entity encoding in tag dropdown on release pipeline selection silverstripe-archive/deploynaut


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Allow partial application of primitives PolyglotSymposium/mappy

Not sure how I missed this. `take`, `give` and `default-take` should be capable of being partially applied

Created - 0 comments - bug easy help wanted

Errors while reading key from file are not caught on the correct place lcobucci/jwt

No exception is raised when `file_get_contents()` returns `false` in, which can lead to errors in other places.

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Maximum call stack size exceeded when an animation still working without map instance maptalks/maptalks.js

I had an LineString animation with 5 seconds to show, but before that ends, I removed the map instance, and it results a maximun call stack size exceeded error, here is my code ```js var map = n...

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editing a service, set the status as disable push-things/django-th

When we edit a service from the admin page the status of the service is always set to disable even if it is set as enable

Created - 1 comment - bug easy hacktoberfest up-for-grabs

Add count to Yampa's main export list ivanperez-keera/Yampa

Somewhere during the module restructuring, I left the function `count` out. This should probably be exported by `FRP.Yampa` (it actually broke some projects, apparently). It's currently with the...

Created - 1 comment - beginner bug hacktoberfest help wanted

Response from metrics endpoint may contain null values zorkian/go-datadog-api

Currently the values returned from the metrics endpoint are expected to be an array of ints with the first element being the timestamp and the second element being the value, But sometime the value...

Created - 1 comment - bug contributor friendly good first issue

"PARI for students, teacher and researchers" has a broken link in it PARINetwork/pari

"PARI has specific guidelines for videos generated" link is broken

Created - 1 comment - High Priority bug good first issue help wanted

Using deploy rock and selecting sensor option still runs server grantcurell/rock

Haven't looked into it at all, but when I ran and selected sensor, it still ran the server.yml code. I'm not sure why. I think it has something to do with the line `ansible-playbook ...

Created - 1 comment - beginner bug help wanted tf_plenum

ENOTFOUND bower install clappr/clappr

Hello, I am unable to install, having `ENOTFOUND` with `hls.js#v0.3.3`, `lodash.once#^3.0.1`, `lodash.find#^3.2.1` Not at the same time. ``` bower install clappr bower clappr#* ...

Created - 2 comments - bug easy

HTML needs to be escaped in comments openseadragon/openseadragon

For example a canvas element is created there: There might be other locations.

Created - 2 comments - bug documentation good first bug

goToPage : event sent before updating the index. openseadragon/openseadragon

Hello, I have encountered a problem while using OpenSeadragon in a Angular App but I'm not 100% sure if it is a bug or intended behavior. I had a sequence that looked like this: g...

Created - 2 comments - bug good first bug

Flyout service amputates ids with a hash character "#" OpenRefine/OpenRefine

In the [suggest API](, it seems like the flyout service returns a partial id string if the id has a "#" charact...

Created - 2 comments - bug easy reconciliation

Using `applyMiddleware` more than once per store does not work ioof-holdings/redux-subspace

## What happened? Using redux-subspace's `applyMiddleware` more than once when creating a store causes some of the middleware to not be applied to subspaces. ```javascript import { createSto...

Created - 2 comments - bug good first issue

_calc_d function of doesn't use passed argument pvlib/pvlib-python

It seem's that **w** is not used within function... ![image](

Created - 2 comments - api bug easy

make step and int_step consistent stan-dev/stan

#### Summary: `int_step(x)` and `step(x)` return different values for 0 and NaN. * [ ] Change the definition of `step(x)` so that it matches `int_step(x)` * [ ] update definitions in doc a...

Created - 2 comments - bug documentation good first issue

Syntax highlighting does not work with Thebelab jupyter/jupyter-book

It seems like syntax highlighting is broken since the update to thebelab 0.4.0.

Created - 2 comments - bug good first issue

Página membros crasha quando não há membros NIAEFEUP/Website-NIAEFEUP

A página de membros crasha quando não existem membros (apenas o admin). ``` Error thrown for request: /members TypeError: /home/bernardo/Documents/niaefeup/Website-NIAEFEUP/templates/views/mem...

Created - 2 comments - bug easy good first issue

on /2018/ urls session.json is called for each page visit (should only be initial load) MoveOnOrg/mop-frontend

Go to /2018/ click on a petition. Note that two session.json calls are made. I believe we should only make the initial one.

Created - 2 comments - bug good first issue

Mobile: image floating over form fields and submit button thejspost/

The image floats over the form fields when the field is selected.

Created - 2 comments - bug good first issue

AttributeError: 'TemplateResponse' object has no attribute 'charset' cobrateam/splinter

Django==1.7.6 splinter==0.7.2 lxml==3.4.2 ``` # coding=utf-8 from django.test import LiveServerTestCase from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model User = get_user_model() from splinter impor...

Created - 3 comments - bug easy

Transforming a number column to text adds a trailing .0 OpenRefine/OpenRefine

#Hi all, tabular files often contain a numeric ID column. In Excel, this ID is sometimes stored erroneously as a number, not text. When importing this type of file into Open Refine and transfo...

Created - 3 comments - bug easy import/xls

Absolutely positioned element stays on the previous page Kozea/WeasyPrint

Consider this example: ``` <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> @page { size: A4; margin: 1.5cm; } div { border: 1mm solid; } ...

Created - 3 comments - bug conformance good first issue

Nondeterminism makes testing expected output hard usyd-blockchain/vandal

Currently the output of bin/decompile can differ each time it is run on the same input. This is likely due to our use of unordered collections such as `dict`. Unfortunately, this makes output testi...

Created - 3 comments - bug good first issue

gandalf-ssh should be able to send logs to stdout/stderr tsuru/gandalf

At the moment gandalf logs only to syslog. This is an issue when we want to dockerise gandalf with because in this case we want the gandalf process inside...

Created - 4 comments - bug easy

replace all instances of .ix pvlib/pvlib-python

Pandas 0.20 deprecates the ``.ix`` indexer and we need to make a handful of minor changes to stay current.✓&q=.ix&type= http://pandas-docs.g...

Created - 4 comments - bug easy testing

Empty string in StringPreference serializes to 'None' EliotBerriot/django-dynamic-preferences

As in the title. I think it's because for some reason when the string preference is set to an empty string, it comes back from the db as `None`, which is then serialized as a string with `return st...

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