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read/write off spec from node implementations filerjs/filer

`offset` and `length` are assumed to be `0` if they aren't set in node, but in Filer we assume 0 and the length of the buffer.

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customFds warning from some deps filerjs/filer

`child_process: customFds option is deprecated, use stdio instead.` Each of these dependencies will need to be updated: ``` node_modules/grunt/node_modules/coffee-script/lib/coffee-script/command...

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binaries of arm64v8/alpine:edge seems to be the wrong format. gliderlabs/docker-alpine

With the last change of the rootfs 19 days ago in commit ce346ca, created by the build-bot i cannot use anymore the image. To reproduce it on a raspberry pi arm64v8 (archlinux 64-bit-arm-versio...

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Chronos NaiveDate Serialisation / Deserialisation graphql-rust/juniper

I was trying to use `NaiveDate` as a scalar for a bookings application and was surprise to find out that I need to pass a string like `2018-01-01T16:39:57-08:00` for it to work. If I understand...

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Source comments on #include line cause error in C++ mode mattgodbolt/compiler-explorer

In C++ (x86-64 gcc 7.2), the following program: #include <cmath> // std::(sin, cos, atan, ..., log) gives an error: <stdin>:1:1: no absolute or relative includes please I...

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Tasks - error message orma/openroads-vn-analytics

I selected Quang Binh, and Error popped up instead of the map

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numba.stencil does not have a “mode” parameter numba/numba

## Reporting a bug - [x] I am using the latest released version of Numba - [x] I have included below a minimal working reproducer The [documentation for `numba.stencil`](https://numba.pydata.o...

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support relative templates in the browser mozilla/nunjucks

I just realized that relative templates don't work in the browser because they depend on node's `path.resolve` function. We need something like it in the browser. I added a message saying they don'...

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Using a component as stack navigator title throws when navigating away react-community/react-navigation

I've found out that when setting a component as `navigationOptions.title`, `react-navigation` tries to use it as a text for the back button of the next screen. Hoverer, if the component is not seri...

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read/write miriad functions do not correctly interpret the integration times RadioAstronomySoftwareGroup/pyuvdata

The Miriad standard is for the integration times to mark the *beginning* of the integration ( while the pyuvdata standard is for the t...

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wrong engines in package.json angular-fullstack/generator-angular-fullstack

wrong engines in package.json ```json "engines": { "node": "^6.2.2", "npm": "^3.9.5" }, ``` so during install i got: ```sh yarn install v1.3.2 warning package.json: "depend...

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MIPS labels aren't tracked correctly (`$LC0` and the like) mattgodbolt/compiler-explorer


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Cannot Properly Center Title on Android react-community/react-navigation

The default for title alignment on Android is left but in our app we center it. To center the title, I specified a style in `headerTitleStyle` that has `alignSelf: 'center'`. That moved the ...

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