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Add conditional breakpoints using ESIL expressions radareorg/radare2

We already have this implemented in 'dsue', but this command only accepts one expression (which can be complex and contain more than one condition), but it would be better if we could register them...

Created - 0 comments - debug-info easy enhancement

Make RBinSymbol fields dynamic radareorg/radare2

Some symbol names exceed the current limit, which is cropped (some dex files)

Created - 1 comment - anal bug debug-info easy sdbtization

Add more options for dwarf radareorg/radare2

Add some options to specify how do we want to visualize the [dwarf]( addrline information in the disassembly. here there are some of the ideas: - Show only filename instead of f...

Created - 3 comments - debug-info easy enhancement

Add command to generate coredump in MACH0 or ELF radareorg/radare2

- [x] Generate ELF coredumps on Linux - [ ] Generate ELF coredumps on BSD - [x] Load ELF coredumps - [x] Generate MACH0 coredumps (linux/bsd) - [x] Load mach0 coredumps - [ ] Support mach0 threads ...

Created - 46 comments - debug-info debugger easy

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