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flag too big in toolbar's submenu RequestPolicyContinued/requestpolicy

see this screenshot: ![screenshot](

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CommandSets should guarantee command ordering bernardosulzbach/dungeon

I thought this was already done.

Created - 0 comments - design easy enhancement

First set of designed elements pelletmaeva/Ulight

We need the first set of designed elements to implement in the Framework to test it We need a style for: - header - aside - nav - article - footer - section

Created - 0 comments - design docs good first issue help wanted

White screen when logging in or loading Ghost although dark mode is turned on TryGhost/Ghost

### Issue Summary When dark mode is on, as the user logs into the admin panel, the login form and the loading screen are completely white. For external visitors the blog is dark (Casper them...

Created - 1 comment - admin-client css design good first issue help wanted

[search] X overlap search phrase nextcloud/server

### Steps to reproduce 1. Go to any app that support search 2. Search with a very long search phrase (e.g. "very long search phrase") ### Expected behaviour The entered text is complete reada...

Created - 1 comment - design good first issue papercut

Remove "Select all" from the 3-dot-menu as that's already in the multiselect menu nextcloud/android

When there's no file selected, we don't need "Select all" in the 3-dot-menu.

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Activity icons are much too large nextcloud/android

The icons on the left here should not be so big: ![]( Instead, they need to have the same size as the action icons in the header or file list. (The text alignment i...

Created - 1 comment - design enhancement good first issue pr exists

better feedback when adding WebCAL via web protocol handler nextcloud/calendar

better feedback while adding is still going on

Created - 1 comment - 1 - to develop Hacktoberfest design good first issue

Add Testnet warning, so no real ether or SNT is sent to the app status-im/status-react

### Description *Type*: Feature *Summary*: Need a warning that app works only in Ropstent Testnet, so users do not to send real ether or SNT to it. To send ether to the app user will need...

Created - 1 comment - beginner design high-priority

cmake help! - update w/ latest seastar cmake smfrpc/smf

#contributors/help w/ cmake pls! Seastar added a complicated cmake set up here: I found cmake-cooking.s...

Created - 1 comment - design enhancement good first issue help wanted

Reporting Dashboard: An independent Reporting Tool PARINetwork/pari

We typically run the following queries to understand our content. We need an independent reporting tool for our editors, so that they don't need to run queries but get a ready answer: ``` All l...

Created - 1 comment - EPIC Medium Priority Medium Work Tech Story UI design good first issue help wanted

Updating new headers spotify/backstage

## 🗒 General Hi! Would love some help updating the colors of our headers. We've made some adjustments to ensure accessibility. We've also added some additional headers for different components. If...

Created - 1 comment - accessibility component design frontend good first issue help wanted storybook

Create project wiki codeforgso/GoVote

should include: -MVP design and some proposed features -build instructions -Resources (PMs, Contributors, Community Stakeholders) -Community Requirements

Created - 1 comment - beginner design semi-technical

Eu, como desenvolvedor, desejo adicionar duas abas na tela de desafios. (Enviado e Recebido) fga-eps-mds/2018.1_Nexte

## Descrição Essa issue tem como objetivo adicionar na tela de desafio, duas abas, uma para desafio enviado e outro para desafio recebido, e fazer a transição entre elas ao clicá-las. ## Critério...

Created - 1 comment - code design development team documentation easy

Add contributor section to 2020 landing page HTTPArchive/

Now that we've published the 2020 [Contributors]( page, we could add the related section to the [landing](

Created - 1 comment - design development good first issue

Sign Up Page rounded buttons and text boarder galletti94/main

We want to give the 'create' button rounded corners and add a white box with rounded corners around each of the elements (besides the title) so that it looks like the Figma mockup.

Created - 1 comment - design good first issue

Improve UI of the App BroFOSS/Moto-Navigator

Currently, the app is in starting phase of development. And it has very basic UI. We need to add improve it and make more materialistic. For material design guidelines, you can refer: https://d...

Created - 1 comment - design easy ui

define basic functionalities DAM2-2017-2018/ADDGameClient

Las funcionalidades basicas que he pensado que puede tener el GameClient son: 1. Login. 2. Crear cuenta. 3. Menu de seleccion de juego. 4. Ranking de ese juego seleccionado. 5. Boton de juga...

Created - 1 comment - design good first issue help wanted

When switching to Comments tab, focus »New comment« input nextcloud/server

So that you can directly start typing. This should happen whenever you switch to the Comments tab. (Also when it’s opened externally, like currently when clicking on »Details« from the file action ...

Created - 2 comments - 1. to develop design enhancement feature: comments good first issue

Collection of low priority visual issues status-im/status-react

I'll be collecting several issues here that are subjective and up to you to determine their validity. If and when it comes time to address these, **copy it out into its own issue**. ## Non-View ...

Created - 2 comments - beginner bug design enhancement later medium-priority

Non-square avatars are stretched nextcloud/mail

### Steps to reproduce 1. Add a contact with email address and avatar that is not square (contacts app) 2. Open mail-folder with email from this contact ### Expected behaviour The avatar should be...

Created - 2 comments - 2. developing bug design good first issue

Add checkmark icon instead of (Answered) to questions display in pages publiclab/plots2

Hi, this is a [first-timers-only issue]( This means we've worked to make it more legible to folks who either **haven't contributed to our codebase ...

Created - 2 comments - design enhancement first-timers-only help-wanted HTML

Sort order of the contact groups nextcloud/contacts

Currently there seems to be no specific sort order of the contact groups in the navigation: ![screenshot from 2017-09-21 00-58-05](

Created - 2 comments - 1. to develop design enhancement good first issue Hacktoberfest

home page doesn't validate mhwkb/

Warnings and error when validating

Created - 2 comments - design good first issue jekyll pri: 3 (normal)

[Page Layout] Create Demo Page Layouts using BlastPad UI blastpad/BlastPad_UI

Create demo page layouts using BlastPad UI. Examples of layouts: - One-page Site - Landing Page - Online resume - Portfolio - Photo Gallery - Price - Blog - Email - Admin Dashboard Each of these ...

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