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Writing PLTE chunk for indexed color files image-rs/image-png

It appears there's currently no support for writing a PLTE (palette) chunk to a new PNG image file. e.g., the following code will write out a new image successfully: ```rust let file = F...

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Small EnvelopeEditor Fixes PistonDevelopers/conrod

EnvelopeEditors are currently usable though still require a few fixes. - [x] The auto-determined precision for the value labels needs to be tweaked. - [ ] Add an option for curve-able envelopes (us...

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Remove Class trait, add Subclass as an alias for Type trait enthought/traits

The `Class` trait is for old-style classes only, and so isn't even available for Python 3. The `Class` trait should be removed completely from the trait types. What people are likely to actuall...

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update admin path autoboxer/MARE

- change the admin path from /keystone to /admin or something or Lisa's choosing. - see [this Google Groups article](!searchin/keystonejs/change/keystonejs/aFB0uWCF...

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Provide `Ui` methods that indicate whether or not user input is currently being captured. PistonDevelopers/conrod

The method would return `None` if the input is not captured, otherwise returning `Some(widget::Index)` with the index of the widget currently capturing the input. I.e. ``` rust if ui.is_mouse_capt...

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output/url with href=false should output url with javascript:return void(); Elgg/Elgg

currently output is an `<a>` without a href attribute.. we should also change the menuitems that are initialize with href false to output an url with javascript:void... currently we have to many ...

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validation: run on all stores? stratumn/go-core

For consistency we might want to run the validations on all stores (even centralized ones)

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Forum: Users without a Name should be encouraged to fill one in (but not annoyed) SoftwareEngineeringDaily/sedaily-front-end

Something maybe at the top of the forum compose form or when viewing a thread? Maybe just site wide? Maybe after you make a comment / post you are redirected to add a name if you like? Otherwis...

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Install script should support multiple OS and Platform cristianoliveira/ergo

Considering Go is easily supported by multiple Operating Systems and platforms, the install script should be flexible enough to allow future expansion beyond Linux x64.

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The navbar button is on the opposite side from the side nav menu OpenSouce-LNMIIT/Cybros-Web-Application

**I'm submitting a ...** - [ ] bug report - [ ] feature request - [x] UX Improvement **Current behaviour:** The sidenav toggle button is on the right side and the sidenav is on the left. So,...

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Recommender trait z1mvader/quackin

Maybe we should have a recommender trait with two functions `predict` and `recommend`. And implement it for the given algorithms.

Created - 1 comment - discussion easy recommender

Open Source rainsworth/ROSA

**[Open Source](** Software where the source code is available free of cost with terms that allow dissemination and adaptation. We are seeking ...

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Inconsistent error handling PistonDevelopers/piston_window

The `WindowSettings` builder returns a `String` as its error type, while the `Glyphs` constructor produces an `Error`. I think it'd be nice to change the `WindowSettings` builder error from `String...

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Convention for documenting properties and setters dmlc/gluon-nlp

![image]( Sphinx doc does automatically document that an attribute is implemented as a proper...

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Multiple Indices? redox-os/ion

Perhaps we can poach this idea from Elvish? ```ion $ let array = [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10] $ echo @array[0 1 7..] 1 2 8 9 10 ```

Created - 2 comments - C-Class discussion enhancement good first issue low-hanging fruit

Rename AtlasBuilder.load to `add_from_path` PistonDevelopers/gfx_voxel

The name `load` implies that you are loading the atlas, but what it does is loading a texture and putting it into the atlas.

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Change description of "preliminary" diagnosis to "presumptive" openhealthcare/elcid

thoughts @michaeledwardmarks ? As per Maddy suggestion

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Documentation: scrabill/how-many-days-until-halloween

The purpose of an issue template is to guide Githubbers in providing detailed information when creating a new issue. The main information I would like this issue template to include is as follo...

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Problem with prefixes created for URIs containing %20 RDFLib/rdflib

The result of runnig this code ```python from rdflib import Namespace, Graph, BNode, Literal graph = Graph() namespace = Namespace('') graph.bind('', namespace) node = BN...

Created - 3 comments - discussion enhance good first issue help wanted low prio serialization

Got an exception while uploading a file lets-blade/blade

**Environment** - blade: 2.0.5-RELEASE - jdk: 1.8.0_111 - maven: 3.3.9 - OS: Windows 7 Home Basic **Description** When I tried to upload a file, an `java.lang.UnsupportedOperationExcept...

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Admins can create content with another user as container Elgg/Elgg

E.g. user Admin browses to "John's files", hits "Upload a file" and the result is a file contained by John (shows up in "John's files") but cannot be edited by John because Admin owns it. This is l...

Created - 3 comments - bug discussion easy engine plugins usability

Configuration file support urish/typewiz

Once #27 is merged, or #29 is implemented, it will make sense to have some configuration file to toggle these behaviors. A few more things the user may want to configure: - Whether to instrument a...

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Arc chapter rust-lang/rust-by-example

Add information about Arc<T> to

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Copy mapfile automatically, by name (Feature) PistonDevelopers/hematite

(I know in a previous issue said how the map file reading is unnecessary for the client, but while it is still in testing, its obviously still needed.) What I mean is when launched it with ``` h...

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Removing requirements.txt spiral-project/ihatemoney

To avoid dependencies list duplication. Replacing [its use]( by pip install -e . I'm wondering if there are the...

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Refactor config to be more generic HackIllinois/api

The current API configuration assumes that HackIllinois is the only organization that will use it, the configs should be made to be more abstract so other Hackathon's can use the API

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[BUG]validateEmail is wrong 30-seconds/30-seconds-of-code

<!--- Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above --> <!--- Add the prefix [BUG] or [FEATURE] to the Title --> <!--- In case it's a bug, otherwise delete this section--> <!--- Ma...

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Show arch news actionless/pikaur most of the time that information is crucial during sysupgrade

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Remember sessions dellitsni/Konsent

Right now, users are logged out when they close their browser. Logging in every time you open the page gets annoying quickly. We could use cookies to remember users even after they've closed their ...

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Relicense under dual MIT/Apache-2.0 PistonDevelopers/inventory

This issue was automatically generated. Feel free to close without ceremony if you do not agree with re-licensing or if it is not possible for other reasons. Respond to @cmr with any questions or c...

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