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update admin path autoboxer/MARE

- change the admin path from /keystone to /admin or something or Lisa's choosing. - see [this Google Groups article](!searchin/keystonejs/change/keystonejs/aFB0uWCF...

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Forum: Users without a Name should be encouraged to fill one in (but not annoyed) SoftwareEngineeringDaily/sedaily-front-end

Something maybe at the top of the forum compose form or when viewing a thread? Maybe just site wide? Maybe after you make a comment / post you are redirected to add a name if you like? Otherwis...

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Install script should support multiple OS and Platform cristianoliveira/ergo

Considering Go is easily supported by multiple Operating Systems and platforms, the install script should be flexible enough to allow future expansion beyond Linux x64.

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The navbar button is on the opposite side from the side nav menu OpenSouce-LNMIIT/Cybros-Web-Application

**I'm submitting a ...** - [ ] bug report - [ ] feature request - [x] UX Improvement **Current behaviour:** The sidenav toggle button is on the right side and the sidenav is on the left. So,...

Created - 1 comment - discussion good first issue Hacktoberfest

Recommender trait z1mvader/quackin

Maybe we should have a recommender trait with two functions `predict` and `recommend`. And implement it for the given algorithms.

Created - 1 comment - discussion easy recommender

Inconsistent error handling PistonDevelopers/piston_window

The `WindowSettings` builder returns a `String` as its error type, while the `Glyphs` constructor produces an `Error`. I think it'd be nice to change the `WindowSettings` builder error from `String...

Created - 2 comments - discussion draft easy

Multiple Indices? redox-os/ion

Perhaps we can poach this idea from Elvish? ```ion $ let array = [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10] $ echo @array[0 1 7..] 1 2 8 9 10 ```

Created - 2 comments - C-Class discussion enhancement good first issue low-hanging fruit

Rename AtlasBuilder.load to `add_from_path` PistonDevelopers/gfx_voxel

The name `load` implies that you are loading the atlas, but what it does is loading a texture and putting it into the atlas.

Created - 2 comments - discussion draft easy

Copy mapfile automatically, by name (Feature) PistonDevelopers/hematite

(I know in a previous issue said how the map file reading is unnecessary for the client, but while it is still in testing, its obviously still needed.) What I mean is when launched it with ``` h...

Created - 3 comments - discussion draft easy

Relicense under dual MIT/Apache-2.0 PistonDevelopers/inventory

This issue was automatically generated. Feel free to close without ceremony if you do not agree with re-licensing or if it is not possible for other reasons. Respond to @cmr with any questions or c...

Created - 3 comments - discussion easy

questions about array construction peterzheng98/Compiler-2020

suppose A is a user-defined class How many times will sentence A[] a = new A [10]; call constructor A() ?

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Automatically rename tables that end with `_input` so they don't clash with input types graphile/postgraphile

I'm submitting a ... <!-- check one with "x" --> - [ ] bug report - [ ] feature request - [x ] question <!-- alternatively, ask on Gitter ( --> PostG...

Created - 4 comments - discussion enhancement good-first-bug pr-wanted

Default options nesaulov/surrealist

I think of having a possibility to define default options for serialization. Like [Oj]( has. For example, for most of applications camel case conversions are either tr...

Created - 4 comments - discussion good first issue help wanted

Create Story Project chingu-voyage6/grad.then

Created - 4 comments - discussion good first issue workflow

approve should not work on paused PausableToken OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts

Not 100% sure, but let's discuss

Created - 5 comments - discussion easy

Summary of all RubyCritic features that are lacking documentation. whitesmith/rubycritic

I'd like to use this issue to summarize all features of RubyCritic that are lacking documentation. For quite a few of them a paragraph would be enough. So here we go: - [x] [Explain our core m...

Created - 5 comments - Hacktoberfest discussion good first issue

[RadioButton][Checkbox] Can't select (highlight) option text mui-org/material-ui

- [x] I have searched the [issues]( of this repository and believe that this is not a duplicate. ## Expected Behavior You should be able to select ...

Created - 7 comments - discussion good first issue v1

Question: Why doesn't react-modal use imperative style? reactjs/react-modal

### Summary: Why doesn't `react-modal` use imperative style? I mean, following: ```javascript class MyComponent extends Component { constructor() { super(); ... this.modal...

Created - 8 comments - discussion easy feature needs info

Drop Bootstrap 3 react-bootstrap-table/react-bootstrap-table2

HI Allen, I suggest that your new version of react-bootstrap-table be pure Flexbox, which means supporting only Bootstrap 4 and not Bootstrap 3. Bootstrap 4 is pure Flexbox. It's a good id...

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binary-search-tree: Implement canonical-data.json exercism/problem-specifications

We want to have a standard set of test inputs and outputs for each exercise to make it easier to port them to new languages, as well as to help keep the exercises in sync. The Binary Search Tree e...

Created - 9 comments - cross-track consistency discussion good first patch Hacktoberfest

feature: Configuration file. cristianoliveira/ergo

This issue is needed in order to enable run `ergo` using a custom TDL like `.test` or any other the user would like to use. We need to decide the name of this file and its format.

Created - 10 comments - discussion easy hacktoberfest help wanted

Default FPS Limit PistonDevelopers/hematite

hematite runs, right now, with uncapped FPS which causes it to hog both CPU and GPU. A default FPS limit would be great for ours fans / hardware, 60 or 120 FPS are pretty good values and anything ...

Created - 12 comments - discussion easy

Refactor Preview.react.js and Settings.react.js plotly/falcon

cc/ @kcolton @chriddyp @tarzzz I'm starting this discussion prompted by issues: - #360 (poor performance of code editor) - #361 (duplicated sql-schemas requests) Although the code editor l...

Created - 15 comments - discussion good first issue help wanted refactor

Improve docs homepage styled-components/styled-components-website

The docs homepage right now mostly duplicates content from the nav and from the homepage: ![screen shot 2017-08-28 at 19 56 14](

Created - 18 comments - design discussion good first task

List of Builtins to Implement redox-os/ion

If you have an idea for a builtin which is not on this list, discuss it below. # Conditional Builtins - [x] `not <command>`: Reverses the exit status value of the given command. (@drosseau) ...

Created - 19 comments - discussion enhancement good first issue low-hanging fruit

kindergarten-garden: Inconsistency between description and tests exercism/problem-specifications

@dzhoshkun wrote > The problem description says there are 12 children in the class (named Alice through Larry), however the test suite includes a t...

Created - 32 comments - discussion good first patch Hacktoberfest

Figure out navigation styled-components/styled-components-website

Right now, even on a large screen, large portions of the nav are cut off: ![screen shot 2017-08-28 at 19 56 14](

Created - 52 comments - design discussion good first task

Best practice when a mutation deletes an object apollographql/apollo-client

What is the best practice for deleting items from the apollo store when a mutation deletes them on the server? I could not find anything related to this in the docs. Do I just have to return ids of...

Created - 60 comments - discussion docs good-first-issue

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