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Rack::Protection more examples in docs sinatra/sinatra

/cc sinatra/rack-protection#55

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Document sharing sessions sinatra/sinatra

Perhaps this is already covered somewhere, but worth looking into. Especially with regards to Rack::Protection and Sinatra sessions. /cc sinatra/rack-protection#107 and sinatra/rack-protection#83

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Friendlier error messages in Greet and React example app slackapi/node-slack-sdk

Reopened from ### Description When running the example app `greet-and-react` with missing environment variables, users may see quit...

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Improve Express All Interactions Glitch instructions slackapi/node-slack-sdk

Reopened from ### Description 1. The `SLACK_ACCESS_TOKEN` variable is only available after install, but if you try to ins...

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The docs does not instruct you to install `onsenui` *AND* `react-onsenui` OnsenUI/OnsenUI

This uses the latest release of Onsen UI. In case the issue is not reproducible in desktop browsers, just follow the previous steps and also modify the platform version at the end (you can also ope...

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cmd/tsurud: write man page tsuru/tsuru

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Document that metadata API accepts/casts bools Elgg/Elgg

Unlike strings/ints booleans aren't returned in the type given; they're cast to integers. I think this behavior should be explained in the phpdocs.

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Add access system documentation to RST Elgg/Elgg

Things to include: - [ ] Core access levels - [ ] Access collections (reference group_acl) - [ ] Custom user friend collections

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Add listing of alternative implementations of GDAL algorithms mapbox/rasterio

For the cases where we don't want to implement an interface to a GDAL algorithm here (due to I/O concerns, existing work, etc) I think a doc file with a simple listing of alternatives to those we k...

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cleans up contributor guide rapid7/metasploit-framework

Reworded the `Contributor.MD` file to hopefully be a little clearer to read for beginners and non-native english speakers.

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Spring Cloud GCP Storage Documentation for dynamic buckets spring-cloud/spring-cloud-gcp

Would love to have documentation to use Google Cloud Storage with dynamic buckets (ie. not fixed and injected from a `@Value` annotation): ``` private final Storage storage; ... String ful...

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Make a gitter chat room for DistArray enthought/distarray

if it makes sense.

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Add blog and code samples to homepage propensive/rapture

Include links to recent blog entries, and a selection of code samples to the home page, beneath the "About Rapture" section.

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First set of designed elements pelletmaeva/Ulight

We need the first set of designed elements to implement in the Framework to test it We need a style for: - header - aside - nav - article - footer - section

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more documentation aggrolite/dwdb

Some more documentation would be nice. Tagging as any easy one for OpenHatch. Feel free to ask questions

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Docs: Showcases - Layout changes when changing "Sort by" mui-org/material-ui | before | after | |-|-| |<img width="1190" alt="Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-07 um 19 52 02" src="

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Unclear structure of params object vuejs/vue-router

### Version 3.0.2 ### Reproduction link ### Steps to reproduce Access `$route.params[0]` for route with a `*`. ### What is expected? The matched par...

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[List] Show nested example mui-org/material-ui

### Problem description I couldn't find any example of "Nested list" on the new documentation. Does anyone has a simple example similar to the [v0.19 documentation](

Created - 1 comment - component: List docs good first issue v1

Document v1.0.0-beta.17 has an flaw. mui-org/material-ui

Document for server-side render in address []( the section...

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Switch does not update when changing original status from undefined mui-org/material-ui

- [x] I have searched the [issues]( of this repository and believe that this is not a duplicate. ## Expected Behavior `<Switch checked={this....

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doc site: -next api menu isn't alphabetical? mui-org/material-ui

The api doc site for -next is almost sorted alphabetically, but `CardActions` comes before `Card`. This is not how I've seen any sane alpha sorting ever done in any language. Shorter values shoul...

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Adding a Code of Conduct TypeStrong/typedoc

Following the work on #928, it would be worthwhile to consider adding a Code of Conduct. Some good information on CoCs can be found on the [Open Source Guide website](

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document mark.with_args pytest-dev/pytest

followup to #2600 #2540 there should be a few examples of `mark.with_args`

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Gem errors difficult to test oauth-xx/oauth2

Writing an Rspec controller request spec using the `oauth2` gem, I had to do the following hack to mock up an OAuth2 error: ```ruby context "error" do # VERY hacky test made to all...

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Better docs for PersistGate onBeforeLift rt2zz/redux-persist

We should document if and how an async function (i.e. a Promise) can be passed to onBeforeLift. I.e. example code for what's trying to be done here: #921 Where to update:

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Add examples to documentation on how to decode private keys with passphrases jpadilla/pyjwt

The current API supports either passing in an unencrypted RSA key in PEM format or passing in a `PublicKey` / `PrivateKey` from `cryptography`. A common feature request has been to add the ability ...

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Mention bot channel membership as a requirement for posting messages with bot tokens slackapi/node-slack-sdk

### Description Throughout the documentation, its important to note that bot user membership is necessary to post a message (or do other actions) when using a bot token (or `bot` scope). This...

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