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Rack::Protection more examples in docs sinatra/sinatra

/cc sinatra/rack-protection#55

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Document sharing sessions sinatra/sinatra

Perhaps this is already covered somewhere, but worth looking into. Especially with regards to Rack::Protection and Sinatra sessions. /cc sinatra/rack-protection#107 and sinatra/rack-protection#83

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cmd/tsurud: write man page tsuru/tsuru

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Document that metadata API accepts/casts bools Elgg/Elgg

Unlike strings/ints booleans aren't returned in the type given; they're cast to integers. I think this behavior should be explained in the phpdocs.

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Add access system documentation to RST Elgg/Elgg

Things to include: - [ ] Core access levels - [ ] Access collections (reference group_acl) - [ ] Custom user friend collections

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Add listing of alternative implementations of GDAL algorithms mapbox/rasterio

For the cases where we don't want to implement an interface to a GDAL algorithm here (due to I/O concerns, existing work, etc) I think a doc file with a simple listing of alternatives to those we k...

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Make a gitter chat room for DistArray enthought/distarray

if it makes sense.

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Add blog and code samples to homepage propensive/rapture

Include links to recent blog entries, and a selection of code samples to the home page, beneath the "About Rapture" section.

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First set of designed elements pelletmaeva/Ulight

We need the first set of designed elements to implement in the Framework to test it We need a style for: - header - aside - nav - article - footer - section

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more documentation aggrolite/dwdb

Some more documentation would be nice. Tagging as any easy one for OpenHatch. Feel free to ask questions

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Rack::Protection document AuthenticityToken sinatra/sinatra

From original ticket (sinatra/rack-protection#106): > To accept a form i'd need to submit the authenticity_token param along with the form. This token is set in the session currently. Is there no ...

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Docs: Showcases - Layout changes when changing "Sort by" mui-org/material-ui | before | after | |-|-| |<img width="1190" alt="Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-07 um 19 52 02" src="

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Remove example code from JSDoc angular/components

#### Documentation Feedback API docs with usage example code don't get formatted. We should avoid putting code snippets in these API docs. Our Overview (sourced from `.md` file) and Examples ...

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[List] Show nested example mui-org/material-ui

### Problem description I couldn't find any example of "Nested list" on the new documentation. Does anyone has a simple example similar to the [v0.19 documentation](

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Document v1.0.0-beta.17 has an flaw. mui-org/material-ui

Document for server-side render in address []( the section...

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Switch does not update when changing original status from undefined mui-org/material-ui

- [x] I have searched the [issues]( of this repository and believe that this is not a duplicate. ## Expected Behavior `<Switch checked={this....

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doc site: -next api menu isn't alphabetical? mui-org/material-ui

The api doc site for -next is almost sorted alphabetically, but `CardActions` comes before `Card`. This is not how I've seen any sane alpha sorting ever done in any language. Shorter values shoul...

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document mark.with_args pytest-dev/pytest

followup to #2600 #2540 there should be a few examples of `mark.with_args`

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Explain root sagas and better redux-saga/redux-saga

@lydell has rightfully noticed [here]( that those topics might be confusing. > As of 2018-01-25 the beginner tutorial s...

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Add documentation for adding examples paypal/glamorous

I think that @pksjce may be the best one to do this considering she has first-hand experience! What do you say @pksjce?

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Locations in matchedData options accepts "params" not "param" express-validator/express-validator

As per documentation, > locations: an array of locations to extract the data from. The acceptable values include body, cookies, headers, **param** and query. Defaults to undefined, which means ...

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docs cleanup RDFLib/rdflib

it would be a good idea to deprecate / remove / update old docs. This is a meta-issue to collect out-of date stuff. Feel free to report via comments, or edit (if you can) the following list: - [...

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Make consul fail if -ui and -ui-dir are both specified hashicorp/consul

This should be an error and we should update the docs to be clearer as well.

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Documentation: 6.3 Coordinates and Geometry Types Toblerity/Fiona Is it worth adding a couple of examples to this section, and perhaps putting something about '3D' in...

Created - 1 comment - beginner docs examples robinpowered/glamorous-native

Taking inspiration from [paypal/glamorous](, they've done a great job giving hands-on examples after explaining a concept: ![example](

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Document issues with writing compressed files mapbox/rasterio

Writing to a compressed GeoTIFF can be tricky. Explain how to avoid the pitfalls. See #70 for background.

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Example app Glitch instructions, not great slackapi/node-slack-interactive-messages

### Description 1. The `SLACK_ACCESS_TOKEN` variable is only available after install, but if you try to install the app in the order the instructions are presented, it will fail and say you need...

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[Website] Wrong launch name on 'Generic PostgreSQL backend' 4.x page PowerDNS/pdns

The launch name on is 'pgsql' not 'gpgsql' (Maybe module name is also wrong IDK)

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docs(helm): All helper examples should demonstrate namespace best-practice helm/helm

We are documenting that [named templates]( are g...

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