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docs(helm): All helper examples should demonstrate namespace best-practice helm/helm

We are documenting that [named templates]( are g...

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Add docs for deploying with yaml IBM/deploy-react-kubernetes

Right now in the, it just has cli commands to deploy. I've added a yaml deployment file so docs should be added how to deploy with that `kubectl create -f deployment.yaml`

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Add a demo for the Legend eventbrite/britecharts

<!--- Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above --> ## Expected Behavior <!--- If you're describing a bug, tell us what should happen --> <!--- If you're suggesting a change/im...

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Mixed json yml training data RasaHQ/rasa

**Rasa Core version**: 0.8.5 **Rasa NLU version** (e.g. `0.7.3`): 0.11.4 **Used backend / pipeline** spacy_sklearn **Python version**: 3.6.4 **Operating system** (windows, osx, ...): Doc...

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Add install instructions for various K8s vendors/distributions hasura/gitkube

Gitkube runs on most Kubernetes distributions/vendors as per the install instructions in README. But in some cases, there may be more configuration required to correctly setup for e.g. exposing the...

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docs: remove v1 API anchors envoyproxy/envoy

Post 1.5.0 release, we should remove all of the anchors inside the v1 specific doc tree, such that all arch, etc. docs will need to link into v2. This will be a forcing function to start the migrat...

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Create new document for cluster-scoped operators operator-framework/operator-sdk

We currently duplicate our documentation about cluster-scoped operators in each of the three user guides (Go, Ansible, and Helm). We should abstract that documentation (and any other relevant docs,...

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Copy-paste friendly addSbtPlugin scalacenter/bloop

Currently, the sbt-bloop installation instructions require the user to manually insert the latest bloop version in the addSbtPlugin command. <img width="890" alt="screen shot 2018-02-28 at 17 06...

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usage of repository in requirements.yaml is unclear helm/helm

As per the documentation on using requirements.yaml, one can do something along the lines of: ``` # parentchart/requirements.yaml dependencies: - name: subchart repository: http://localh...

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Write documentation on using private images and registries fnproject/fn

In gitlab by @treeder on May 23, 2017, 10:19

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Split Documentation in Tutorials, How To Guides, Reference and Discussions eventbrite/britecharts

## Introduction We want to have great docs. The approach explained in [this article]( makes a lot of sense and feels it will be a great organization fo...

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Minimal gRPC service-to-service config example with health checking envoyproxy/envoy

Envoy is impressive, and its documentation is far-reaching, but the wealth of configuration options means its difficult to know if you're setting things up right. In my case, all I want is automati...

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