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auto-deploy github pages on merges to master twitter/algebird

It'd be fantastic if we didn't have to remember to deploy the docs and github pages. This script has the incantations that will make this possible with Travis:

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Document usage of i18n Cornices/cornice

* Docs * Exhaustive features list

Created - 0 comments - documentation easy

Docs have no reference to use of title class PolymerElements/paper-toolbar

Although adding title class to content element has an important effect on the styling, the docs say nothing about it.

Created - 0 comments - documentation good-first-bug help wanted p1 - backlog

document configuration options TNG/JGiven

Document how to configure JGiven using the `JGivenConfiguration` annotation.

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add FAQ item about borg check --repair borgbackup/borg

Make a FAQ entry, based on this: ``` 04:46 CharlesA$ Is there any risk to running borgbackup check --repair? I tried it and saw a warning that it was experimental and it could result in data l...

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Document iR for resources radareorg/radare2

Created - 0 comments - documentation easy

Sphinx warnings RaRe-Technologies/gensim

Sphinx 1.5.3 [raises 108 warnings]( when generating gensim docs when running ``` cd docs/src make clean html ``` All the files...

Created - 0 comments - bug documentation easy

Experiment with using jade server side ansble/monument

Using the config object changes and the render changes from #292 #291 run a site using jade and see if there are things that need to be changed. Also look at whether autodetection of the engine an...

Created - 0 comments - documentation enhancement first contribution help wanted

Document identity_dimension DataBrewery/cubes

`identity_dimension` in authenticator is not documented. See `cubes/`

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Library architecture documentation excelsior-oss/restler

Develop some textual and/or visual description of library's architecture

Created - 0 comments - documentation starter

Custom deserializer tutorial excelsior-oss/restler

Create tutorial of RequestEnhancer, that will transform call's return type to string and then parse it in some specific way

Created - 0 comments - documentation starter

Tutorial for Dropwizard getting started excelsior-oss/restler

When JAX-RS will be supported, create client for service developed at [Dropwizard getting started]( using restler

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Provide example code felixc/rexiv2

A few samples under `examples` would be nice and help with documentation, plus providing a minimal level of testing.

Created - 0 comments - documentation good-first-bug

Improve documentation & explain what's actually going on sos-os/kernel

Now that it seems like a _lot_ more people are expressing interest in SOS, I need to remember to make the codebase more readable & understandable...

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Please update documentation riyadhalnur/excelbuilderjs-node

I spent 3 hours of my time to by searching in in your documentation how can I assign default font size. Excel default font size is 11. Finally I found in you hard coded default font setting and ...

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Update installation instructions in readme. Aeva/switchprint

The current readme doesn't describe all of the dependencies actually needed to install and run switchprint. Additionally, in its current state, "python install" should never be called. R...

Created - 0 comments - bug documentation easy

Update installation instructions Aeva/switchprint

The project readme needs to be updated to correct for two things: 1. The dependencies list is incomplete. 2. Remove "sudo python install" all together and replace it with "sudo python setu...

Created - 0 comments - bug documentation easy

Better document the motivation of the project bernardosulzbach/ahmes

Write about why I needed to implement it in Python (write about testability and practicality). An obligatory GUI is a bizarre idea for a simulator.

Created - 0 comments - documentation easy enhancement

Jumps should always use two memory accesses bernardosulzbach/ahmes

For the computer to behave as expected by the original simulator, a jump should always trigger a reading of the jump address from the memory. This should be ensured by tests and properly documented.

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Create documentation in sphinx for the non-django modules TrapperTeam/Trapper

Some modules which are not yet documented in sphinx (such as `trapper/tools` module). Create the documentation for these as well. In order to do it right you will have to document the code using do...

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Update the file in this repository TrapperTeam/Trapper

This file gives out outdated installation guide. It should only provide basic information about the project, and point to the actual documentation page (

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Moved project into separate folder. rabinrai44/EmployeeApi

Separating project from the main root folder.

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sort-keys documentation is unclear about what "natural ordering" means eslint/eslint

The [`sort-keys`]( rule has a `natural` option, which indicates that keys should be ordered "naturally". This is implemented using the [natural-compar...

Created - 1 comment - accepted beginner documentation

"Working with custom formatters" page is out of date eslint/eslint

I noticed a few problems when reading through the ["Working with custom formatters"]( page in our documentation. * The `fix...

Created - 1 comment - accepted bug documentation good first issue

Complete the deprecation of "built-in addons" storybookjs/storybook

main issue: #1017 ### Why We deprecate "built-in addons", add warnings and remove them from core code. So we start to use it as "core addons": we need to install these packages and require them...

Created - 1 comment - addon: actions bug documentation good first contribution needs PR

Build error from slow start - babel-core vs @babel/core storybookjs/storybook

Hi, I'm following the [slow start]( instructions, which start with: ```sh npm i --save-dev babel-core npm i --save-dev babel-loader ``` When I...

Created - 1 comment - app: vue documentation good first issue

Draft breaks when pressing enter on atomic block facebook/draft-js

**Do you want to request a *feature* or report a *bug*?** ***BUG*** **What is the current behavior?** When the Image is not 100% wide in the editor and you focus cursor after it and press ente...

Created - 1 comment - documentation good-first-bug

Add a FAQ to the documentation pinojs/pino

As discussed in #302.

Created - 1 comment - documentation good first issue help wanted

DatePipe outputs in UTC when handed a [num] (millisecondsSinceEpoch) dart-lang/angular The docs for DatePipe suggest that the output date is formatted...

Created - 1 comment - area: runtime documentation good first issue

Friendly error message for aliasing to nested subdomains zeit/now

``` > Error! Unknown error: Error: The supplied alias "" is not a valid hostname. Make sure it excludes http:// and slashes ``` The error happens when you add aliases by `now ali...

Created - 1 comment - documentation good first contribution good for beginners help wanted version-patch

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