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Add Table of Contents to README nodunayo/speakerline

The README is long and it isn't clear what you can find in the document. It would be nice to have a table of contents in a simlar way to @24pullrequests: ![screen shot 2017-11-27 at 22 03 35](ht...

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Document how to become a contributor and proceed with code changes RailsEventStore/rails_event_store

Below is a transcript of discussion with fellow contributor impressions (left intact in 🇵🇱, sorry): ``` tylko jeszcze opisac.. krok po kroku jak zrobic setup, jak uruchamiac testy, jak wyglada ...

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Update with brew cask (outdated|upgrade) Homebrew/homebrew-cask

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Documentation: Intro to Git submodules. exercism/DEPRECATED.x-api

Add an introduction to git submodules. Submodules are an aspect of git that many people will not have encountered before. Add some basic documentation about them and how they are used in the x-api...

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CryptoSquare: add a test for "perfect square" normalized cipher text exercism/problem-specifications

The part of the readme that talks about how to normalize the cipher text is not very clear, an additional test would be helpful.

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Can't Find any Documentation for jirb jruby/jruby

Maybe I'm not looking in the right places but I can't find any documentation online on the differences between the C Ruby irb and JRuby's jirb. I'm completely new to Ruby and I'm trying to follow a...

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Consider moving to monorepo RailsEventStore/rails_event_store

It is very common to introduce change both in code and docs. It would be easier to manage such changes in one repo.

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Contributing guidelines should instruct devs to use feature branches crawfoal/greensteps

At this time, when developers open a pull request from their master branch, Heroku review apps don't automatically deploy PR updates. If the compare branch is not master, then updates to the PR wil...

Created - 4 comments - documentation first-timers-only Hacktoberfest help wanted ready

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