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Add missing links to the civilopedia CQUI-Org/cqui

For example: * Clicking a unit you don't own in the normal selection mode should open the civilopedia * ~~Right-clicking a leader portrait from the diplomacy ribbon should open the civilopedia~...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

doc. introspection of binds defined with remap_binds points to wrong file luakit/luakit

When defining a bind with `remap_binds`, the bind shows up in luakit://binds as expected, but the link to the file/line where it was defined points to the place of the original bind, not the place ...

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement help wanted

safe-reboot: Add notification to all console users that safe-reboot is running libremesh/lime-packages

If safe-reboot is running it is hard, even for the same user that is using it, to know when it will reboot the system. It would be great if it can notify all users connected that it will reboot ...

Created - 1 comment - easy to solve enhancement good first issue

Enhance TopBar resource display CQUI-Org/cqui

If You get technology (or Great Person) that reveals some resource, and it is not in your empire, resource icon shoud show appear on top bar with red zero. If it is on your teritory, just not conne...

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement

Religious units: Add number of remaining actions to icon CQUI-Org/cqui

Add the number of remaind actions (_Spread Religion_ and _Remove Heresy_) for religious units like for workers.

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement

NSE wanted: HP iLO unauthenticated information disclosure nmap/nmap

As reported on IRC: ``` (03:26:11 PM) swankier: hello all. I just learned a neat trick that I felt like sharing. HP iLo (and maybe other brands) have an unauthenticated info disclosure at <ip...

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement NSE

Disable popup for wonders CQUI-Org/cqui

Similar to the tech/civic popups, disable popup for wonders/natural wonders and play the audio instead, if selected in the CQUI options.

Created - 2 comments - easy enhancement low priority

Tint pillaged resource icons red CQUI-Org/cqui

Just wondering how cases like this should be handled, or left as-is. ![2016-11-13 10_13_33-sid meier s civilization vi dx11](

Created - 2 comments - easy enhancement

For City State quests to get a tech boost, add the boost is to the tooltip CQUI-Org/cqui

My proposal is to simply add the inspiration/eureka for the corresponding tech boost - for example, "$CS wants the Eureka for Feudalism" -> "$CS wants the Eureka for Feudalism (Create 6 farms)"

Created - 2 comments - easy enhancement

Zenmap (as root) not working on centos 7 nmap/nmap

[zosy@localhost:~]% rpm -qa zenmap zenmap-7.60-1.noarch gnome doesn't use gksu instead of pkexec, so i made a patch. [su-to-zenmap-fix-gnome-root.patch.txt](

Created - 2 comments - Zenmap enhancement good first issue

Webui: add link to offline documentation in /www/docs libremesh/lime-packages

[lime-docs](/libremesh/lime-packages/tree/develop/packages/lime-docs) package includes documentation for offline use in LibreMesh firmware images. The documentation is installed in /www/docs direc...

Created - 3 comments - easy to solve enhancement good first issue

Let afp-ls and other afp-* scripts use creds from afp-brute nmap/nmap

Using the [creds library]( should make this pretty simple.

Created - 3 comments - easy enhancement NSE

Clean up adjacency bonus tooltip for Campus/Theatre CQUI-Org/cqui

The current adjacency bonus tooltips for these two districts is ridiculous, there only needs to be one line dedicated to mountains as opposed to the current 5 Image: ![](

Created - 4 comments - easy enhancement low priority

[Request] Number of civics for AI players visible in toop tip Azurency/CQUI_Community-Edition

Would it be possible to add the number of civics an AI player has unlocked in the leader head tool tip on the upper right side of the screen - just like it works with number of techs researched? ...

Created - 4 comments - easy enhancement

Hotkeys to change city detail tabs in cityview CQUI-Org/cqui

Proposed enhancement to the city screen: hotkeys to switch the various views as follows: 1. Q and E: switch from food, amenities and housing <-> building/wonders <-> pantheon/religion information ...

Created - 5 comments - easy enhancement low priority

Move/Remove the Great Prophet panel in GP view to the last slot CQUI-Org/cqui

Barring the very early game, great prophets don't really bear any relevance to someone visiting the GP view. Because of this, it makes sense to move the great prophet panel to the last slot on the ...

Created - 8 comments - easy enhancement

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