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SqlServerDsc: Update manifest and license with the new year 2018 PowerShell/SqlServerDsc

**Details of the scenario you tried and the problem that is occurring:** We should update the manifest and license with 2018 after the new year. **The DSC configuration that is using the resour...

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Support query parameters PowerShell/Polaris

They're absolutely necessary. localhost:8080/hello?name=Tyler There's a bug to track the investigation of ASP.NET Routing in but potentially...

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Use `-UseBasicParsing` in all `Invoke-WebRequest` calls so that IE is not a dependency PowerShell/Polaris

For every `Invoke-WebRequest` in our tests, we need to add `-UseBasicParsing`. Without it, PowerShell on Windows will use IE. We don't want that to happen because we don't need complex parsing of t...

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Progress Reporting GitGerby/HashChildItems

Report progress as hashing proceeds through a tree; use Write-Progress to report current file being hashed, percent of files hashed, and work out time remaining based on time averaging.

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consider aliases and named positions for cmdlets ArtisanByteCrafter/KaceSMA

for example `-MachineID` or `-AssetID` to simply accept `-ID`.

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Get-DbcCheck description improvements sqlcollaborative/dbachecks

<!-- ERASE the sections that are not applicable but please provide as much information as possible --> ## Issue In many cases the description output from Get-DbcCheck does not provide much deta...

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Add example for Event Trigger poshbotio/PoshBot

It would be nice to have an Event Trigger example in the documentation ( so newcomers like myself can understand how that works.

Created - 2 comments - documentation enhancement good first issue

Script to add Service Principal/details added to Default.parameters.json Microsoft/DscScaffolding

We need to populate servicePrincipalApplicationId. We need to look into adding a script for that

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New check for SQL logins with blank or Login as password sqlcollaborative/dbachecks

## New Check This is a new check/question Idea taken from SQL Assessment in azure I would like a test for logins with no password and password same as username ### What would you like to che...

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Get-Group output may not include all data poshbotio/PoshBot

Get-Group output can miss data if an array is long enough. ## Expected Behavior `Get-Group` ``` Name : sysadmin Description : Read and write access Users : {a, b, c, d, e, ...

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Execute Azure Blueprints RazorSPoint/azure-devops-azure-policy-extension

More a feature request than an issue. Az MS have released (in Preview at this time) Azure Blueprints to allow a governed definition of "stuff", it would be great to be able to have a nice integr...

Created - 10 comments - Azure Blueprint Task enhancement good first issue help wanted

Replace FwLinks with the actual target links dotnet/docs

This is a good issue for people who want to learn how to work on open-source projects. Our content uses a lot of what we call FwLinks links. Current search brings 2,639 results for [FwLink](http...

Created - 20 comments - P2 easy enhancement up-for-grabs

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