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Write vignette about training projects lockedata/starters

Cover the what and why of the methodology expected by createTrainingProject and suggest next steps for user

Created - 1 comment - enhancement first-timers-only up-for-grabs

S3 Code is Proprietary zapier/parquetr

How we hook in and out of S3 is a chunk of code that is Zapier proprietary. We need to isolate that code, clean it up, and release it open source. Until that is done, the package is only useful a...

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create `pid_to_eml_datatable` helper NCEAS/arcticdatautils

similar to `pid_to_eml_other_entity`, this function will use sysmeta to generate a physical section for a dataTable object, in addition to inserting attributes and factors. arguments - mn = m...

Created - 4 comments - enhancement good-first-issue help wanted

New function `reduce_plan()` ropensci/drake

From Thanks to @bart1 for the idea.

Created - 5 comments - easy enhancement interface

Feature Request: Add Mish activation rstudio/keras

Mish is a new novel activation function proposed in this [paper]( It has shown promising results so far and has been adopted in several packages including: - [...

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light theme s-fleck/shed

Shed needs a light css theme for people who prefer such things.

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Create aggregations and joins of the original data mlane3/unitedway

> Do V1: Write aggregation of the original data by county for Rshiny. We want to average by county (let call it `countyave`) ~~then take the average of that `countyave`~~

Created - 7 comments - data cleanup enhancement good first issue help wanted model

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