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typeahead-has-selection and selectionMade customClasses fmoo/react-typeahead

we should set a custom class on the text entry or typeahead when a selection has been made. This makes it more obvious when a value has been selected vs just having text in the entry.

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Option to specify an EmptyLabel for when no matches are found in the options array fmoo/react-typeahead

If no matches are found I want to be able to display a message like 'No matching options found'

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performance? babel/kneden

I'm curious to know if you did any benchmarking or if you have any idea how much does this method save over the existing method of compiling to state machines ala regenerator.

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futhark-bench should compile the benchmark programs in parallel diku-dk/futhark

This should speed up benchmarking a bit. (Actually running the benchmark programs should still be done serially, of course.)

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Remove links to outdated GitHub repos hawkins/awesome-mobx-bot

Outdated meaning something like the last commit was made more than 6 months ago

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[改善] 增加替代站 FlandreDaisuki/dmhy-subscribe

因為 dmhy 有時候怪怪的會造成各式各樣的 error 想把像是 [ACG.RIP]( 這種站作為替代方案 (`Promise.race`) 將 crawler.js 改成 abstract class (想想需要哪些 functions) ``` crawlers ├── base.js ├── dmhy.js └── acg-rip.js ...

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Reverse eMarque file format bb-ffbb/eMarque-eXtract

It would be great to reverse eMarque file format (for example, to create a lightweight version of eMarque for a device like tablet or smartphone) !

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