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Add support for bold attribute in 'ec' command radareorg/radare2

To change not only color of text group, but also its thickness

Created - 0 comments - consoleui easy enhancement refactor

Add conditional breakpoints using ESIL expressions radareorg/radare2

We already have this implemented in 'dsue', but this command only accepts one expression (which can be complex and contain more than one condition), but it would be better if we could register them...

Created - 0 comments - debug-info easy enhancement

Move `main` of r2 inside libr_core radareorg/radare2

Do the same with rabin2, rasm2, ... This way we allow the programmer to call the main of each main from his program. Useful for embedding and avoid forks.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement refactor

Check plugin r2-version on load radareorg/radare2

When loading a plugin from home or system, the plugins must include a new field specifying the version of r2 in which it was compiled. This check must be enforced by default and disabled with an en...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Filter items with no messages pyblish/pyblish-qml

If a plug-in produces no messages, provide an option to discard showing the plug-in and/or associated instances altogether, so as to make it easier to locate those that actually do provide output.

Created - 0 comments - bikeshed easy enhancement

Filter exceptions pyblish/pyblish-qml

In addition to filtering logging levels, allow filtering of exceptions.

Created - 0 comments - bikeshed easy enhancement

Timeline pyblish/pyblish-qml

# Goal Provide the user with an overview of timing information per-instance/plug-in.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Improve visibility of checkboxes and status information pyblish/pyblish-qml

### Goal At the moment, checkboxes live side-by-side with visual progress. Separate the two, and hopefully make each clearer; both what can be done interactive, and what is and has happened in te...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Add basic description to built-in help kn-bibs/dotplot

It would be nice to have some more general information visible after typing: `python3 -h` Only small changes are needed: to start with one can add _description_ parameter to [ArgumentP...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Implement rafind2 -E radareorg/radare2

To do like `/E`. to do ESIL searching

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement esil RSoC

Benchmark and optimise hash, io and search radareorg/radare2

This will be useful when moving to SIOL (the io rewrite), or test different io plugins, and hash implementations. When searching we have a counter that shows the current hit count, address, etc.. b...

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement io optimization

Enhance the VE (visual color scheme editor) radareorg/radare2

* [ ] Add keys to select a different theme * [ ] Be able to create new themes in users's home * [ ] support to change the background color

Created - 1 comment - consoleui easy enhancement question

Implement OPEX for the pending capstone archs radareorg/radare2

* [ ] XCore * [ ] SystemZ * [ ] Sparc * [ ] PowerPC * [ ] M68K Support for OPEX in non-capstone architectures is important. This is.. Java, Dalvik, AVR, Z80 and others.. Eventually we can...

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement release

Add ARMv7 and ARMv7 coprocessor register comments/decoding radareorg/radare2

Like here or here

Created - 1 comment - anal ARM easy enhancement

If `asm.linesright=true` draw function lines along with jumplines radareorg/radare2

Currently the option only moves reflines, but it make sense also to draw the function lines along with those, not in the old leftmost position. Maybe also moving the flagname to the right make sense.

Created - 1 comment - consoleui enhancement good first issue question

Resize "Instance" and "Plugins" sections in the main tab pyblish/pyblish-qml

The main tab is divided in two parts: - Instances - Plugins At the moment it is not possible to adjust the size of each of those sections. I think that there will be some instances in which the na...

Created - 1 comment - bikeshed easy enhancement

tx_builder does not handle decred consistently summa-tx/riemann

Sometimes it uses `make_decred`, sometimes it checks if the network is set to decred. It should uniformly check if the network is set to decred.

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

Support reload nbs-system/snuffleupagus

- [ ] We do need to walk the linked-list of `sp_node`, and free their members, in the `PHP_MSHUTDOWN_FUNCTION(snuffleupagus)` function. - Partially done in 1476b0ddbab0748c332fd9ee7bed1ba9d1f35d96

Created - 1 comment - code cleanup enhancement good first issue help wanted usability

Special case: Widely-spread known objects schnaader/fairytale

There are some pieces of data that exists in identical form on countless devices around the world. Some examples are license files like GPL and re-distributable libraries such as zlib1, qt* or 7z.d...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue question

Add Damerau-Levenshtein implementation of IEditDistanceCalculator stephengtuggy/SgtFuzzyMatch

**Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.** This library needs to include as many relevant algorithms as reasonably possible. Damerau-Levenshtein Edit Distance is one. **...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue help wanted

Feature: customize module names zeroeightysix/KAMI

Like change them, same with groups. As per request of `2b2tplayer#6692` on discord

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

Implement haddr (header address) radareorg/radare2

Add header-address (where a specific symbol, entrypoint, etc.. is defined in the PA space). useful for patching binary headers. **Entrypoint:** * [x] any * [ ] art * [ ] avr * [ ] bf * [ ] ...

Created - 2 comments - easy enhancement RBin

dmsdj and dmsdj all? radareorg/radare2

Can't find json output for `dmsd` memory snapshot compare. Would also be neat if there were a `dmsdj all` or something that would compare for any changes in memory across all known snapshots. Th...

Created - 2 comments - debugger easy enhancement

Do we want to implement a `bailout` option? nbs-system/snuffleupagus

Currently, the `.drop()` option will change the call to a `nop` (except when applied on `.ret`, where it'll effectively bailout). Do we want to add a `.bailout()` to effectively bailout (as in `sto...

Created - 2 comments - easy enhancement

Add more options for dwarf radareorg/radare2

Add some options to specify how do we want to visualize the [dwarf]( addrline information in the disassembly. here there are some of the ideas: - Show only filename instead of f...

Created - 3 comments - debug-info easy enhancement

leave and ret doesn't translate to pseudocode radareorg/radare2

asm.pseudo = false ``` │ 0x080487a8 c9 leave └ 0x080487a9 c3 ret ``` asm.pseudo = true ``` │ 0x080487a8 c9 ...

Created - 3 comments - enhancement good first issue pseudo

x86 pseudo: support one-operand imul radareorg/radare2

If there's only one operand, the other is implicitly defined as eax or its 16/8 bit variant. Currently, `f7e9` is wrongly shown as `ecx *=`.

Created - 3 comments - enhancement good first issue pseudo

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