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SlackBot#send() support for a callback function slackapi/hubot-slack

### Description in order to know anything about a message after it has been sent, there needs to be a way to run a callback after the `chat.postMessage()` method completes. it seems that the ...

Created - 0 comments - enhancement good first issue

Inline display of documentation should default to expanded jasongilman/proto-repl

When displaying documentation for a function inline it should expand the inline view so it is immediately visible.

Created - 0 comments - beginner enhancement

display a note on non-public items instead of a "no item" message inventaire/inventaire-client

when displaying an empty inventory from a non-network user, replace the depressing ![no_item]( ...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

apm --version should also list Atom version atom/apm

It's often helpful for debugging to know what version of Atom is being used with `apm`.

Created - 2 comments - beginner enhancement help-wanted

Match on raw text instead of formatted text on incoming messages slackapi/hubot-slack

This was originally filed at but I believe this to be an adapter specific problem. From @callumacrae: > We have a script which starts like this: > > ``...

Created - 3 comments - enhancement good first issue

Request: allow detecting when hubot-slack has disconnected and will not reconnect slackapi/hubot-slack

### Description While hubot-slack has support for reconnecting when the connection to Slack is lost, there is a limit to the number of reconnection attempts. If several reconnection attempts fai...

Created - 3 comments - enhancement good first issue

Proto-repl should allow you to do the opposite of cmd-opt-o jasongilman/proto-repl

When you use cmd-opt-o to open something, proto-repl should allow you to close the file and go back to the calling function, or at least display a path you took to get there.

Created - 4 comments - beginner enhancement

Highlight git changes on the level of a project atom/tree-view

Hi currently Atom is highlighting files in which there are git changes. However when you collapse project tree, a project name isn't highlighted. Because of that I have to unfold each project's dir...

Created - 6 comments - beginner enhancement help-wanted

Add support for `response.sendPrivate` slackapi/hubot-slack

* [x] I've read and understood the [Contributing guidelines]( and have done my best effort to follow them. * [x] I've read and a...

Created - 7 comments - enhancement good first issue

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