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Determine current touching object by distance to nearest origin rather than last touched ExtendRealityLtd/VRTK

The interact touch script at the moment determines the most current touching object based on the last object that was touched. It would be good to have an option on the interact touch script to ...

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[Feature] VisualLabel DarkByte7/VisualPlus

A Label with Text render properties such as: antialiasing, outline, dropshadow etc. This would look very good and fits in the visualplus style. (I dont got any examples, sorry.)

Created - 1 comment - beginner enhancement feature

Add energy weapons unitystation/unitystation

# Preliminary information Currently there are just ballistic range weapons available, for TDM this makes things boring. Apart from that, those weapons needs to get into the game eventually anyway...

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Support use of anonymous types on RequestClient MassTransit/MassTransit

Hi I am trying to follow the guides in the documentation. More specifically i am working with the request / response pattern. I cant however seem to get it working without implementing a the int...

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