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Rule: Modifier order arturbosch/detekt

`private lateinit var` vs. `lateinit private var` Both are valid in Kotlin, but I'd like the ability to enforce one.

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Rule: SpreadOperator arturbosch/detekt

As mentioned in #155 and this [benchmark](, using the spread operator can lead to performance costs comp...

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Rule: Shadowed names arturbosch/detekt

The Kotlin compiler already prints a warning for each shadowed name. Should Detekt also detect these and report them? Example: ``` override fun bindItemView(position: Int, view: View, list: Li...

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Provide AddMutableFix for assignments with immutable references intellij-rust/intellij-rust

`RsAssignToImmutableInspection` [provides]( `AddMutableFix` for values, but not for references. It would be useful to provide such fix for ...

Created - 3 comments - E-easy E-mentor code insight feature

Fail fast approach / configuration arturbosch/detekt

I'd like to have a fail fast approach where I'd say in the configuration file that I want every rule to be automatically turned on with the default values. That would also include rules that are ma...

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Rule: Safe cast instead of if-else-null arturbosch/detekt

Instead of writing: ```kotlin if (element is KtElement) element else null ``` we can write ```kotlin element as? KtElement ```

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Rule TodoComment arturbosch/detekt

Basically flags the usage of `// TODO: something` Inspired by [this checkstyle rule]( Sidenote: I'd not flag `// TODO something...

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