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#runInstall expose command if failed yeoman/generator

If the #runInstall spawn fails (or skipInstall is set) it should log what the command would have run so the user can run it on their own. This would include things like `--save-dev`

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Hide private subgenerator namespaces yeoman/yo

With composability becoming more common, we end up with some very specific subgenerators that may clutter the `yo gen --help` interface. We should probably offer a way to hide some "private" subgen...

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set gnutls handshake timeout cmail-mta/cmail

Is it possible to set the gnutls handshake timeout in the config file?

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Add ZoomToMaxExtent Button meggsimum/wegue

A button, which zooms the map to its initial center and zoom would be a nice component. The component should be named ``<ZoomToMaxExtentButton>``. For a first step it would be OK, if it is usabl...

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[REQ] Ability to pass options to installDependencies yeoman/generator

It would be nice to be able to pass options to `installDependencies`: ``` generators.Base.extend({ install: function () { this.installDependencies({ npm: false, bower: {de...

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Add support for closure-stylesheets miracle2k/webassets

I would love to be able to use Google's Closure Stylesheets: However, the closure-stylesheets tool current does quite a number of different things so...

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Using npm install in case yarn isn’t available? yeoman/generator

Hej, Using the yarn install method if Yarn isn’t installed obviously fails. Right now I’m catching the error in v2.0.0 of [generator-http-fake-backend](

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Offline story yeoman/yo

Yesterday I've been to a local JS meetup, and one of the presenter used Yeoman for its demo. Unfortunatly, until he was connected to the wifi, `yo` was throwing. Cannot remember exactly, but I thin...

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Warn when running a generator in ~ or / yeoman/yo

Might be good. Might be bad.

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