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Use the user first + last name as the username arbet/wordpress-linkedin-login

Right now, the username is the user's email. Investigate the possibility of using his first and last name as the username.

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Inconsistent REST api buildbot/buildbot

buildbot API is inconsistent. We can fetch all the data using buildid, but not using build_number. Following API exist: /builds/n:buildid/properties But there is no corresponding API: /builders...

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implement i18n module legendofmountainsea/LegendOfMountainSea

- [ ] implement api - [ ] use JSON file to manage language content - [ ] easy to extend - [x] auto check language setting in native system (nice to have)

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random seed legendofmountainsea/LegendOfMountainSea

Generate cryptographically strong random values for nosie library to generate unique terrain. **requirements:** value should be totally random.

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DockerLatentWorker: pull specified image if it is not yet on the system buildbot/buildbot

This is merely an enhancement, but it would be nice if the specified image is pulled from dockerhub if it is not on yet on the host system. This should be pretty easy to accomplish using docker-p...

Created - 3 comments - easy feature latent worker

class UIText should be able to show outline legendofmountainsea/LegendOfMountainSea

**Class UIText should have a feature that it could show outline when mouse move over it**

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