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Provide access to full XML XMP packet felixc/rexiv2

By taking advantage of gexiv2-sys's optional `xmp-packet-access` feature (felixc/gexiv2-sys@56098a3), we can expose this functionality in rexiv2. This should be implemented as an optional feature.

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Provide access to raw tag value felixc/rexiv2

This is available as an optional feature in gexiv2-sys (felixc/gexiv2-sys@5a0a314), and we could provide a friendlier wrapper for it here. This should likely also be an optional feature due to the...

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Add Interval.sum() method leek-wars/leekscript

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Add a board setup function ujh/iomrascalai

Implement `Board.setup()` which adds either a single stone or a list of stones (of different colors) to the board without applying any rules. This can then be used by the [SGF AB and AW properties]...

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Add CLOP to the Linux install script ujh/iomrascalai

Add [CLOP]( to the Linux install script `misc/linux/`. <!--- @huboard:{"order":210.25,"milestone_order":281,"custom_state":""} -->

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Request: Default Post Option Floens/Clover

It'd be handy to have a way to make every post use a default option, say, `since4pass`. I don't know how this could be done generically for use with sites other than 4chan, but I think it'd be useful.

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[Feature] VisualLabel DarkByte7/VisualPlus

A Label with Text render properties such as: antialiasing, outline, dropshadow etc. This would look very good and fits in the visualplus style. (I dont got any examples, sorry.)

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Token weighted voting JoinColony/colonyNetwork

### 9.3.2 Token weighted voting Unlike with reputation, we do not have the ability to ‘freeze’ the token distribution when a vote starts. While this is effectively possible with something like the...

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Map.max / Map.maxKey leek-wars/leekscript

Map.max => returns the max value Map.maxKey => returns the max value's key

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Snap strips to matching markers GDquest/Blender-power-sequencer

When you're editing a video you often need to write down clips to fade to new clips or add picture overlays. You take notes of the clips to add, go find them on the web, or record them, and add the...

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Add declarations for working with GExiv2PreviewProperties felixc/gexiv2-sys

See: Unimplemented: ``` gexiv2_metadata_get_preview_properties gexiv2_preview_properties_get_extension gexiv2_preview_...

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Add Xion/gisht

This shouldn't be confused with _dpaste.de_ which is different and already implemented :) looks like a `Basic` gist, with simple URL patterns for both HTML and raw URLs.

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Add-on updater support GDquest/Blender-power-sequencer

Add support for CGCookie's [Blender auto-updater](

Created - 2 comments - feature good first issue help wanted

Automatically remove all unused object entries. OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2

For now, add a command to the console to remove all unused object entries.

Created - 3 comments - feature starter

Import UTF-16 files hsoft/moneyguru

Hi Virgil, unfortunately my bank switched from iso to utf-16 encoding when generating CSV files. But moneyguru only handles utf-8 encoding correctly. Will you be able to add this feature? Regards...

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Move to three point grading scale. JoinColony/colonyNetwork

As part of our feedback from Daniel Kronovet, he suggested migrating from a five-point grading scale to a three-point grading scale, denoting inadequate, adequate, and excellent. This is something ...

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Write cli tool to check and transcode videos to the same framerate GDquest/Blender-power-sequencer

To do: - [ ] Read the framerate with ffmpeg - [ ] Re-encode videos that have the wrong framerate A very important tool as you'll find videos with 23.98, 24, 30, etc. fps online and Blender alw...

Created - 3 comments - feature good first issue help wanted

[Request] Add timestamp to chat messages OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2

**OS:** **Version:** **Commit/Build:** Currently chat messages are not timestamped. This would be useful to tell when messages were made, how long ago, etc. - [ ] Reproducible in RC...

Created - 4 comments - feature interface starter

More options in x96dbg setup x64dbg/x64dbg

Nothing particularly complex. It would be great if x96dbg's "Setup" offered: - [ ] Creating start menu entries for x64dbg. - [ ] Updating PATH with the x64dbg folder. - [ ] Creating desktop icon...

Created - 4 comments - easy feature gui

Eligibility for U20 World Cup minj/foxtrick

Original [issue 893]( created by [paul.barthelemy84]( on 2012-01-28T11:46:10.000Z: It would be great to h...

Created - 5 comments - NT PlayerDetails Priority-Low feature good first issue stars-3 wip

Feature request: new the text editor silexlabs/Silex

The current text editor is bad: it has bugs (select text, change color, sometimes it changes the whole line) and lacks (insertion of images, css styles which can be customized in Silex CSS editor.....

Created - 6 comments - feature good first issue help wanted

Ajouter une gestion de profil pluginsGLPI/formcreator

Hello, Il faudrait pouvoir configurer dans les profils plusieurs droits : - droit de créer des formulaires - droit de supprimer des formulaires - droit de lire les config des formulaires etc......

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Adding 1adrianb/face-alignment to project deepfakes/faceswap

As deepfakes suggested on Reddit Face alignment scripts based on 1adrianb/face-alignment works better. It would be great if its added to project and pipeline. It maybe automatic but as deepfakes p...

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Social media icons should link to latest entered username publiclab/plots2

Hi, this is a [first-timers-only issue]( This means we've worked to make it more legible to folks who either **haven't contributed to our codeb...

Created - 7 comments - Ruby feature first-timers-only

let js2-mode support flow syntax HairyRabbit/js2-mode

### linked issues - mooz/js2-mode#224 - syl20bnr/spacemacs#7119 - syl20bnr/spacemacs#7208 - an-sh/flow-minor-mode#8 ### flow syntax supports #### type annotation - [x] union type - ...

Created - 9 comments - feature flow good first issue help wanted syntax highlight

Underscores in number literals ethereum/solidity

It would be nice to support underscores in number literals to have easily readable numbers: `1_000_000`. Question: - should it allow multiple underscores next to each other `1__000_____000`? -...

Created - 11 comments - feature good first issue hacktoberfest help wanted

Error out instead of skipping non-existent source files ethereum/solidity

I don't know if anyone is relying on this behavior, we could define a command-line option instead. Suggested name: `--ignore-missing`, `--noignore-missing`

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