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User detail view with additional information about involved motions/elections OpenSlides/OpenSlides

Extend the user detail view with more information about a) motions where the person is submitter/supporter and b) elections where the person is candidate.

Created - 0 comments - easy feature html/css js users

search command? sliceofcode/nchsw

``` ?search 500 query ``` searches 500 messages back for messages containing word(s)

Created - 0 comments - definitely easy feature

reddit command? sliceofcode/nchsw

fetch posts from a specific command. we already have `?aww` so this shouldn't be hard

Created - 0 comments - easy feature maybe

Use "package.json" to determine test directory mochajs/mocha

### Description Read "package.json" field `directories.test` if it exists. If it does, use its value instead of `"test"` as Mocha's default for test directory. Inspired from discussion in #1...

Created - 1 comment - discussion feature good-first-issue nice-to-have usability

Add stepped function helpers OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts

Many crowdsales use stepped price functions. Add a tested and well-written implementation

Created - 1 comment - easy feature

Add burnable token OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts


Created - 1 comment - easy feature

Use 'includes' instead of 'contains'? san650/ember-cli-page-object

JS convention seems to have moved toward using the method name `includes` instead of `contains`. For enumerables, [Ember is deprecating `contains`](

Created - 1 comment - DEPRECATION feature good first contribution

Determine current touching object by distance to nearest origin rather than last touched ExtendRealityLtd/VRTK

The interact touch script at the moment determines the most current touching object based on the last object that was touched. It would be good to have an option on the interact touch script to ...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue w_feature

Showing code lines before the current line? pwndbg/pwndbg

First of all i need to say that this made my gdb interaction much MUCH more pleasant and you have my infinite thanks. Now, went over the ```config``` and issues and couldn't find how to start th...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue help wanted

Custom images on stevekrouse/WoofJS

While we eventually want to make it much easier for students to use external images in Woof (, in the meantime we should explain how to do it curren...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue priority

Document information gsantner/markor

#### General information <!-- App version can be e.g. v0.1.1 System e.g. Android 7.0.1, Nexus 5X --> * **App version:** 0.3.0 * **System:** 7.0.1 #### Description <!-- What this is a...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue help wanted

Include link to branch with push notifications integrations/slack

The `pushed to` notifications have a clickable commit message link, but not a clickable branch link. Current format from push.js `summary()`: ``` `<${}|${noOfCommits} new ${co...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue

Stack clipboards redox-os/sodium

Pop/push <-> Paste/clip

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement feature

"Settings" panel for både brukerinnstillinger, vakttider, passordbytte, committees hackerspace-ntnu/website

Hadde vært smud om vi kan delegere rettigheter som i committees i ett eget administrator-panel, som ligger under settings. Frontend2017 urlene er endret for å reflektere dette (/settings/). T...

Created - 1 comment - django feature frontend good first issue

Add help informations for a task go-task/task

## Request Ability to add help informations for a task. ## Example ``` version: "2" tasks: "gcloud:docker:push": desc: Push Docker image to Google cloud registry help: |...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue

Prototype Guest Home Screen maillouxc/git-rekt

Prototype the home screen for guests that is shown when the "guest" button is clicked on the main menu.

Created - 1 comment - easy feature urgent

Login and verification DevvitIO/CMS2

This is just an old issue combinded in one so its clearer. We need to have a simple sign-up and log-in screen. We also need a redirection if your logged out. The verification page needs to be ...

Created - 1 comment - back end database easy enhancement everyone feature front end help wanted

Add 'IntSet' ChShersh/idris-patricia

Currently there's only `IntMap` data structure. But it would be good to have `IntSet` as well. This can be implemented easily by creating simple wrapper around `IntMap` like it's done here for A...

Created - 1 comment - algo feature good first issue hacktoberfest

Support diagonal movement clagraff/pitch

An actor should be able to move north-east, north-west, south-east, and south-west. This requires changes to the `Direction` constants, as well as updating the `MoveRequest` in order to support th...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue help wanted requires discussion

Lint the codebase clagraff/pitch

Use the [gometalinter]( to lint the codebase. If there are linting error's that don't seem worth fixing, create a configuration file and ignore those on ...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue

Server should automatically stop after certain inactivity uvsankar/dairy

- Currently if we forget to close the server , there is a possibility someone might access the journal. **Proposed change**: Server should automatically close after certain period of inactivity

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue help wanted


Add INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS CHARACTER_MAXIMUM_LENGTH to the describeTableQuery so that we can then use it in sequelize-auto or whatever project, to get the max length of a given field.

Created - 2 comments - feature good-first-pr mysql stale

Pausable token OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts

Inspiration: StandardToken + Pausable = PausableToken

Created - 2 comments - easy feature

Allow space to select an option alphagov/accessible-autocomplete

While I don't believe we've seen anyone attempt this in research, the space bar is commonly used by keyboard users to confirm things. There shouldn't be a downside to adding support for this.

Created - 2 comments - a11y easy feature good for beginners

Feature: basic operations on multiple keywords (join / replace) JabRef/jabref

The current 3.3 version has `Manage keywords` section, which is however a bit limited. It would be good to be able to choose all the entries in database and then manually rework keywords so that th...

Created - 2 comments - beginner feature keywords

Implement yank (and kill) LightTable/LightTable

cf `sublimeYank` from Ours would use [killLine](

Created - 2 comments - beginner codemirror feature

print ffi warning if result is not assigned ghcjs/ghcjs

ffi imports can have different behaviour with very small source changes: ``` foreign import javascript "x()" ``` parses as an expression, implicitly means `$r = x();` while just adding a semicolo...

Created - 2 comments - easy feature important

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