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Autosave dripton/Slugathon

We should have the ability to automatically save the game on the server. Maybe at the end of each player turn, and again at the end of the game. This would give us a recovery path if the game cra...

Created - 0 comments - easy feature

Add Leiningen piggieback tasks weavejester/hop

The `uberjar` default task piggiebacks off Leiningen. The same technique should be used to implement other functions as well: - `check` - `clean` - `compile` - `deploy` - `deps` - `install` - `jar`...

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search command? sliceofcode/nchsw

``` ?search 500 query ``` searches 500 messages back for messages containing word(s)

Created - 0 comments - definitely easy feature

reddit command? sliceofcode/nchsw

fetch posts from a specific command. we already have `?aww` so this shouldn't be hard

Created - 0 comments - easy feature maybe

Melhorar formato dos resultados VitorRamos/Sprof

Utilizar telas gráficas e bem desenhadas para apresentar os resultados.

Created - 0 comments - easy feature

Use "package.json" to determine test directory mochajs/mocha

### Description Read "package.json" field `directories.test` if it exists. If it does, use its value instead of `"test"` as Mocha's default for test directory. Inspired from discussion in #1...

Created - 1 comment - discussion feature good-first-issue nice-to-have usability

Add target.evaluate and target.evaluateHandle GoogleChrome/puppeteer

Related to Lighthouse has [started testing](

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue

Include and maintain Code Editors IDE plugins repositories NativeScript/NativeScript

This issue does not refer to any version of NativeScript or platform, it's a suggestion for to maintain also a repository of plugins for VSCode as you maintain a repository for TNS plugins from Git...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue

Add stepped function helpers OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts

Many crowdsales use stepped price functions. Add a tested and well-written implementation

Created - 1 comment - easy feature

Add burnable token OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts


Created - 1 comment - easy feature

Consider "className" option to Popup mapbox/mapbox-gl-js

Currently all popups created using Popup are created with this structure: ``` <div class="mapboxgl-popup mapboxgl-popup-anchor-bottom" style="...."> <div class="mapboxgl-popup-tip"></div> <di...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue

sbt test fails on my machine twitter/scalding

I was following the "Getting Started" section in the wiki. When I tried to run sbt test, it gave me a bunch of errors and failed. ``` [error] error while loading CharSequence, class file '/usr/lib...

Created - 1 comment - beginner feature

Hide private subgenerator namespaces yeoman/yo

With composability becoming more common, we end up with some very specific subgenerators that may clutter the `yo gen --help` interface. We should probably offer a way to hide some "private" subgen...

Created - 1 comment - actionnable easy feature ready

Inconsistent REST api buildbot/buildbot

buildbot API is inconsistent. We can fetch all the data using buildid, but not using build_number. Following API exist: /builds/n:buildid/properties But there is no corresponding API: /builders...

Created - 1 comment - api easy feature

Use 'includes' instead of 'contains'? san650/ember-cli-page-object

JS convention seems to have moved toward using the method name `includes` instead of `contains`. For enumerables, [Ember is deprecating `contains`](

Created - 1 comment - DEPRECATION feature good first contribution

Make external authorization methods integration easier Elgg/Elgg

Right now we can easily write additional PAM and it works great. We could add specific plugin hook for password change to not require duplicating control of `password` and `password2` inputs and ta...

Created - 1 comment - easy engine feature

Improving computational time in LDASeqModel RaRe-Technologies/gensim

Hi, I was training a LDASeqModel on ~40k documents through 20 years (20 time slices in my case) and after 2 days of computation, still didn't finish. I realized that only LDAModel is used in ...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue medium

TextCorpus doesn't provide a way to convert document text to indices as needed for say DL NLP models RaRe-Technologies/gensim

<!-- If your issue is a usage or a general question, please submit it here instead: - Mailing List:!forum/gensim For more information, see Recipes&FAQ: https://...

Created - 1 comment - easy feature good first issue

Determine current touching object by distance to nearest origin rather than last touched ExtendRealityLtd/VRTK

The interact touch script at the moment determines the most current touching object based on the last object that was touched. It would be good to have an option on the interact touch script to ...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue w_feature

--icons option should be repeatable, is not pyinstaller/pyinstaller

Code in []( around line 152ff assumes that there can be more than one parameter value in the --icon op...

Created - 1 comment - @low feature good first issue

Add method for showing base info about gensim RaRe-Technologies/gensim

Intro ---- When users report something, we need to know more information (not only gensim version, versions of related packages, OS and so on), and user need to copy-paste&run something like this...

Created - 1 comment - easy feature good first issue

Showing code lines before the current line? pwndbg/pwndbg

First of all i need to say that this made my gdb interaction much MUCH more pleasant and you have my infinite thanks. Now, went over the ```config``` and issues and couldn't find how to start th...

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue help wanted

Feature request: collapsible images vector-im/riot-web

Please add a feature to collapse / minimize images that are attached in-line in the chat log. The ability to hide an image that someone has posted would be very useful.

Created - 1 comment - easy feature p2 type:timeline

show room avatar full-size vector-im/riot-web

there doesn't appear to be a way to see the room avatar in big

Created - 1 comment - cosmetic easy feature p2 type:roomview

give feedback quicker when assigning a room alias that already exists vector-im/riot-web

It's annoying not to be told before 'save settings' that the alias is already taken

Created - 1 comment - easy feature p3 type:roomsettings ui/ux

Option to save the session of opened files/directories ribtoks/xpiks

Save additional file _xpks_session_ or smth like that in .json format with few properties: - list of all opened files - some flags / opened buffers? In C++ create `SessionManager` to handle...

Created - 1 comment - easy feature

Consider adding edit_r_buildignore() r-lib/usethis

Similar to ```r usethis::edit_git_ignore() ```

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue

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