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Custom images on stevekrouse/WoofJS

While we eventually want to make it much easier for students to use external images in Woof (, in the meantime we should explain how to do it curren...

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Hong kong style nutrition list openfoodfacts/openfoodfacts-server

I noticed that the nutrition lists used in Hong kong are a bit different. They are similar to the EU version, but: - energy is in kcal - protein is on the second place - transfat is added below ...

Created - 2 comments - 5 minute fix feature good first issue help wanted nutrition facts

Save bold reference images poldracklab/fmriprep


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Zeus' history page ZeusWPI/

We should include a page which would be the equivalent of Not sure if this should be on a different tab or if we should include this in a blogp...

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Ideas on making the website user-specific OpenSourceHelpCommunity/

**FEATURE REQUEST** **Description**: We are planning to make the website more user-interactive and ideas will be appreciated - Show all the sessions on the website itself so that the user...

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Allow the user to request a session OpenSourceHelpCommunity/

Can use a typeform or something similar first, next have it in our database.

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