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Snap strips to matching markers GDquest/Blender-power-sequencer

When you're editing a video you often need to write down clips to fade to new clips or add picture overlays. You take notes of the clips to add, go find them on the web, or record them, and add the...

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Add-on updater support GDquest/Blender-power-sequencer

Add support for CGCookie's [Blender auto-updater](

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Import UTF-16 files hsoft/moneyguru

Hi Virgil, unfortunately my bank switched from iso to utf-16 encoding when generating CSV files. But moneyguru only handles utf-8 encoding correctly. Will you be able to add this feature? Regards...

Created - 3 comments - easy feature

Write cli tool to check and transcode videos to the same framerate GDquest/Blender-power-sequencer

To do: - [ ] Read the framerate with ffmpeg - [ ] Re-encode videos that have the wrong framerate A very important tool as you'll find videos with 23.98, 24, 30, etc. fps online and Blender alw...

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Adding 1adrianb/face-alignment to project deepfakes/faceswap

As deepfakes suggested on Reddit Face alignment scripts based on 1adrianb/face-alignment works better. It would be great if its added to project and pipeline. It maybe automatic but as deepfakes p...

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