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Provide hq favicon badges/shields

Currently the `` favicon is low resolution only. But current browsers like Firefox use big logo information in their top visites sites section. There is also no image support for link...

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Discourage users from making general proposals when they actually need a special proposal oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

Constitutional changes and membership changes require special proposals so that the system can carry out the changes automatically when the proposal is passed. These special proposals are created b...

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Add MTech fields in the faculty's profile's page. ncs-jss/HTTP_200

Also add the branch EEE. Add the fields for CS, EC, ME.

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Petition Signing Page VassarUrbanEnrichment/VUEiOS

We've decided to have to have the app be non-login based. Meaning anyone can view the content on the app, however when users actually want to sign petitions there needs to be a way for them to ente...

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PetitionView VassarUrbanEnrichment/VUEiOS

We'll need a View for petitions. This includes displaying the petition and all its comments/number of likes in an orderly manner. We'll also need buttons for allowing users to comment/like/sign the...

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Only require email updates / notices for significant changes swapmyvote/swapmyvote

If we want to make minor tweaks to the policy (e.g. formatting, grammar, fixing typos) then we shouldn't have to send out emails or display prominent notices notifying users of the change.

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CodeRepl goes out of container in smaller screen of edit mode. oppia/oppia

In Responsive or Mobile/tablet view CodeRepl goes out of the preview container in edit mode of exploration. See images below: ![screenshot from 2017-10-17 23 27 43](https://user-images.githubus...

Created - 1 comment - frontend good first issue needs debugging talk-to: @tjiang11

In the statistics tab, long text answers overflow the modal oppia/oppia

Here, with TextInput <img width="850" alt="screen shot 2018-02-06 at 22 21 27" src=""> (see h...

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Link to get link to specific marker hasadna/anyway

When viewing a marker's info window, there should be an option to get a permalink to the specific marker. This is easy: the link is simply for example (2...

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Static Maintenance / Failover page gitcoinco/web

### User Story As a user, I want to see a static Gitcoin page if the site is undergoing maintenance or not responsive. ### Why Is this Needed? *Summary*: We should implement a static page...

Created - 1 comment - To Define beginner easy-pickings feature request frontend

"Votes in progress" should describe threshold oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

I've a new, very small so far, unincorporated association run on OneClickOrgs (Liverpool chapter of the Awesome Foundation). I see messages like this: "Add XXX XXXX as a member of Awesome Liverpo...

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"Settings" panel for både brukerinnstillinger, vakttider, passordbytte, committees hackerspace-ntnu/website

Hadde vært smud om vi kan delegere rettigheter som i committees i ett eget administrator-panel, som ligger under settings. Frontend2017 urlene er endret for å reflektere dette (/settings/). T...

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Myplaceimport & infobox: automated detection of URL & image links oskariorg/oskari-docs

When adding own datasets through Myplaceimport, it would be convenient if one could choose if some of the attributes has image links or plain URLs. This could be either done by automated detection ...

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Add tagline vinitshahdeo/Water-Monitoring-System

**Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.** Taglines are a good way to make the visitor remember the product. It's always better to have some to strengthen the visitor's mem...

Created - 1 comment - easy frontend gssoc20

Updating new headers spotify/backstage

## 🗒 General Hi! Would love some help updating the colors of our headers. We've made some adjustments to ensure accessibility. We've also added some additional headers for different components. If...

Created - 1 comment - accessibility component design frontend good first issue help wanted storybook

spoiler-gray и iOs everypony/tabun

Народ жалуется что на яблочных устройствах лайт-спойлеры не подсвечиваются как положено по тапу. По идее ничего сложного, но надо бы сначала транк поднять для тестов.

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Find-broadcasts: Place menu on the bottom on mobile devices roschaefer/rundfunk-mitbestimmen

* **I'm submitting a ...** * user interface improvement * **What is the current behavior?** The buttons for "next" and "back" are on the top, so users might not see the visible broadcasts or...

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usage_khours might be better represented with a logarithmic scale mozilla/missioncontrol

Like on Maybe it could be log by default with the option to change it to linear.

Created - 1 comment - enhancement frontend good first issue

Nav component TheDevPath/Navi

Feature Request. Create a Preact component for the Nav part of the UI. For @TheDevPath/front-end-dev-team

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"Tipul sesizarii" selector does not display properly on Safari code4romania/monitorizare-vot-votanti-client

**Description** When selecting "Tipul sesizarii" on Safari (Version 12.0.3 (14606.4.5)) the horizontal scrollbar, from picklist, goes right by default. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Open Safari 2...

Created - 1 comment - bug frontend good first issue help wanted medium priority react

🚀 [Feature] On A Post Show User ID Button In User Hover Menu Human-Connection/Human-Connection

## rocket Feature <!-- Give a short summary of the Feature. Use Screenshots if you want. --> As a user I like to see the user profile ID of a user commented on a post or somewhere else. It s...

Created - 1 comment - bounty feature frontend good first issue high priority (choose if you can deliver quickly)

Add syntax highlighting for code in workshop notes hackersatcambridge/hac-website

Essentially, source markdown like this: ```markdown ```java public int fib(int n) { if(n <= 1) { return n; } int fib = 1; int prevFib = 1; for(int i=2; i<n; i++) { int...

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Twitter embed has too much height ubyssey/

Twitter embed have height that is too high so it creates unnecessary space [Example article]( ![too_much_spacing](https://user-image...

Created - 1 comment - 1 beginner bug frontend

Too much height on Twitter embeds ubyssey/

This is ticket re-opened for #427 Still having the same issue [Example page](

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Provide option for HTTPS + WSS ACMCSUS/DebugJudge

Pros: - Security for teams Cons: - Makes stuff more complicated to set up If the cert files are provided (either in env or argv), force SparkJava to run over HTTPS. In the frontend, chang...

Created - 1 comment - backend frontend good first issue help wanted

Scoreboard time is wrong ACMCSUS/DebugJudge

I'm no good at this, someone pls fix in scoreboard code in both java and angular

Created - 1 comment - backend frontend good first issue help wanted

Save screen size ChildMindInstitute/mindlogger-web

We should also send the screen size when we send the responses. Some of those long voice passage tasks are harder to do on a small screen, people might read the passages slower when on their phone

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