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Twitter frame resizing memberapp/

Should be possible now to resize twitter iframe for content size

Created - 1 comment - enhancement frontend good first issue

SignPetitionActivity XML VassarUrbanEnrichment/VUEAndroid

We'll need the XML layout for a PetitionActivity with fields for the user's name and email address for verfication.

Created - 1 comment - easy frontend

Mudar o teaser de notícias na página inicial e no menu blog gorails/gorails

Hoje, se você abrir o index do ele vai mostrar as notícias (blog posts) que estão com a tag notícias mas no site mostra apenas uma pequena parte do teaser, acho que está 30 caract...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement frontend good first issue hacktoberfest

Corrigir informações na view da notícia (blog) gorails/gorails

Se você entrar numa notícia: vai mostrar a baixo do título 3 informações: Autor, data que foi postado, quantidade que foi visualizado e qua...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement frontend good first issue hacktoberfest

Draw button should draw cards from current deck Dakova1994/Angular-Test

When implemented, 'Draw' button always creates new deck. We want it to draw cards from the current deck. Requirement 1. Change logic to 'Draw' button., so that it draws cards from current deck.

Created - 1 comment - easy frontend

'Cards to draw' input field has got no default value Dakova1994/Angular-Test

Currently 'Cards to draw' input field looks like this: --> ![cards_to_draw]( --> As can be seen, this field is empty on start. We need to put there value of ...

Created - 1 comment - bug easy frontend

[BUG] User is not informed if there are no more cards in deck to draw Dakova1994/Angular-Test

Currently when user draw all the 52 cards from deck and wants to draw more, no information is being provided that he cannot perform such an action: ![not_enough_cards](

Created - 1 comment - bug easy frontend

Create Embed component Semantic-UI-Vue/Semantic-UI-Vue

Here is the original one: Please have a look at []( for ...

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue Hacktoberfest javascript vue

Images in ItemSelectionInput choices and answers are too big oppia/oppia

If an item selection input interaction is created with images in the choices, we should bound the maximum height/width of the image. Otherwise, you get stuff like this, which really doesn't work we...

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue talk-to: @tjiang11

Upgrade font-awesome to latest version and update audio play/pause icons oppia/oppia

In the audio bar directive, we would like to use fa-play-circle and fa-pause-circle instead of fa-play and fa-pause. However, our current version of font awesome does not include fa-pause-circle.

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue talk-to: @tjiang11

No search option in library for mobile users. oppia/oppia

There is no way to search for an exploration in mobile view. Library page should be modified for mobile users such that they can search for "exploration" and "collection" in their preferred languag...

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue needs UI design talk-to: @kevinlee12

The publication modal should provide a link to the learner view oppia/oppia

After publishing an exploration, I am invited to "share your creation" and given the option to share via Facebook, Twitter, embedding ect. However there isn't a simple url for the learner view that...

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue important talk-to: @markhalpin

יש לספק למשתמש הסברים בדבר השדות השונים בחלון הקופץ hasadna/anyway

שלום, בחלון המידע שקופץ למשתמש ומציג את פרטי התאונה יש לתת למשתמש פרטים והסבר על השדות "סוג תיק" <!--- @huboard:{"order":2.5345741505589103e-06,"milestone_order":563,"custom_state":""} -->

Created - 2 comments - 1 - Ready easy enhancement frontend

Add InfoTable React component bmun/huxley

We're using the same table style for the advisor profile info, the assignments, and the delegates. Let's extract that table into a React component so the styling and structure will be in one place.

Created - 2 comments - code cleanup frontend refactor starter

List of case reports IFRCGo/cbs

In Source/VolunteerReporting/Web.Angular project: Create UI showing a list of case reports. API endpoint: GET /api/casereports Note: The design has not been implemented yet (#239), so do n...

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue

Sort the Case Report list IFRCGo/cbs

You should be able to sort the list of case reports based on column(ascending, descending order)

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue

Project table view IFRCGo/cbs

Today, the project listing is a simple ul/li list displaying the name of the project: \cbs\Source\Admin\Web.Angular\src\app\project\projectlist\projectlist.component.html This should be a table ...

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue high-priority

Environment specific base tag for User Managment and VolunteerReporting frontends IFRCGo/cbs

Our nginx proxy is set up with the following configuration: -> Points to Admin -> Points to User Managment -> Po...

Created - 2 comments - bug frontend good first issue help wanted high-priority

Display detailed error message on case reports IFRCGo/cbs

When there is an error in parsing case reports, we need to somehow display the detailed error message: ![image](

Created - 2 comments - Volunteer Reporting frontend good first issue

Sosiale felter i Profil hackerspace-ntnu/website

Ønsker meg følgende felter på en UserProfile i nettsiden: - Legge inn Github-brukernavn - Legge inn Discord-tag - Legge inn BattleNet-tag - Legge inn Steam-konto Dette tror jeg kunne gjort...

Created - 2 comments - django feature frontend good first issue

Untermenüpunkte zentrieren foodcoopshop/foodcoopshop

Wenn man auf einer Seite Unterseiten angelegt hat, so erscheinen die grünen Anklickflächen, wenn man mit der Maus drüberfährt. Nur sind die ein bisserl dezentral auf dem weißen Balken, mit dem sie ...

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue minor

Pins cover map as you click around (even if you don't save the pins) TheDevPath/Navi

This is a bug found in in the Enhance saved pin feature - Issue #204 If you click on multiple points of the map, each location will get a pin without you hitting "save" on the pins. The expected...

Created - 2 comments - bug frontend good first issue help wanted next

🚀 [Feature] Donation Button Directly On The Social Network Human-Connection/Human-Connection

## rocket Feature <!-- Describe the Feature. Use Screenshots if possible. --> It is time to have a the donation button directly on the network. ### Design & Layout <!-- Attach Screenshots...

Created - 2 comments - feature frontend good first issue

UI: Notes for retrospective events hidden OpenHumans/quantified-flu

Users can add notes to retrospective events, but this capability is rather hidden as it requires the following steps at this point: 1. create retrospective event 2. open event after creation 3. Cli...

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue

Create Component for Vote Commitment Map breakdown IndivisibleSomerville/its-our-call

Using an existing svg map of the US Create a react component that shows the commitment of each state on a given issue: ...

Created - 2 comments - design frontend good first issue

Legislator Badge IndivisibleSomerville/its-our-call

`/src/components/LegislatorBadge` has a placeholder (🔵/🔴/⚪️emojis) to represent legislator party, this does not match current designs. <img width="198" alt="screen shot 2018-03-19 at 2 39 37 p...

Created - 2 comments - frontend good first issue

small notes ChickenKyiv/loopback-tutor-intern-8

+ we should have a different menus for logged and non-logged user + also logout also should redirect to some of pages. maybe to login. or to homepage for example. + sign up with google - does we ...

Created - 2 comments - enhancement frontend good first issue help wanted

Implement mode-indicator cornell-dti/samwise

### Summary <!-- Required --> This pull request implements the mode indicator for different environments. I also take the opportunity to unify some of our environment detection code. ### Tes...

Created - 2 comments - UI easy enhancement frontend

Add faster playback rate TheNerdful8/Lecture2Gether

Adds a playback rate of 4x as requested in the issue #78. In my tests, speeds with more than 4x had no sound therefore this seems to be the maximum. Closes #78

Created - 2 comments - enhancement frontend good first issue

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