First Pull Request

Remove redundant RxSwift & ReactiveSwift request methods. Moya/Moya

I saw this and thought it would be a good idea to create an issue so we don't forget to do this

Created - 1 comment - chore good first issue hacktoberfest

Add more badges to README MessageKit/MessageKit

We could use some more badges on the README. Possibly for: - remove travis & add buddybuild badge - add MIT license badge - add CocoaPods badge - add Carthage badge - add Swift Version badge ...

Created - 1 comment - documentation good first issue hacktoberfest

Update to our newest standards. Moya/Moya

We've updated our guidelines for a Changelog, [here]( As you can see in our [Changelog](

Created - 2 comments - good first issue hacktoberfest stale

Update License copyright year to 2018 Moya/Moya

We need to update the copyright year in []( to 2018. This is a great first issue! ```diff -- Copy...

Created - 3 comments - documentation good first issue hacktoberfest

Enable Danger's prose plugin, and also enforce 72 character commit messages Moya/Moya

I think it would be awesome to enable Danger's prose stuff on at least our docs, if nothing else. Maybe the commit message as well. To enable to prose plugin, go check out

Created - 3 comments - enhancement good first issue hacktoberfest

Split documentation into Moya usage and others Moya/Moya


Created - 5 comments - chore documentation good first issue hacktoberfest

Logger Initialization corey-rb/juliet

We need a simpler solution to the default initialization of the Logger. We can probably get away with doing a Singleton implementation of this, and modify in the future if we get issues

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Date.year not working SwifterSwift/SwifterSwift

[x] I've read, understood, and done my best to follow the [Contributing guidelines]( before opening this issue. ### Wha...

Created - 8 comments - confirmed bug: source good first issue hacktoberfest

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