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editing a service, set the status as disable push-things/django-th

When we edit a service from the admin page the status of the service is always set to disable even if it is set as enable

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Add count to Yampa's main export list ivanperez-keera/Yampa

Somewhere during the module restructuring, I left the function `count` out. This should probably be exported by `FRP.Yampa` (it actually broke some projects, apparently). It's currently with the...

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Add a hello world example of gloss + Yampa ivanperez-keera/Yampa

It would be great to have some trivial examples of good Yampa that can help people get started. There's a project called Yampa 2048 that uses gloss. Factorizing the code logic out might give a r...

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docs: add plugin area tsuru/tsuru

It would be nice if we had a plugin area in the docs so the community can index it's most popular plugins and give evidence to the ones already used today. plugins: - https://raw.githubusercon...

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Add link to Haskelloids ivanperez-keera/Yampa

A link to the following project should be added as the last item in the list in the section **Other examples**.

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TemplateParameters' methods should just return a Vec, not an Option<Vec> rust-lang/rust-bindgen

I thought that the `Option` would be useful, but in practice we do pretty much ignore that it is an option and do things like `params.unwrap_or(vec![])`. And then in other places when the result is...

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remove admin to push-things/django-th

run the commands ```python python check --deploy System check identified some issues: WARNINGS: ?: (urls.W005) URL namespace 'admin' isn't unique. You may not be able to rever...

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Unsigned global set to -1 rust-lang/rust-bindgen

<!-- Thanks for filing a bindgen issue! We appreciate it :-) --> ### Input C/C++ Header ```C++ unsigned long long g_107 = 18446744073709551615UL; ``` ### Bindgen Invocation ``` bindg...

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updating doc push-things/django-th

that will reflect changes on #188 #189 #190

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